Definitions for "Edge Device"
Keywords:  legacy, atm, token, ethernet, backbone
Network entity such as a LAN segment, host, or router that connects to a LightStream 2020 ATM switch via an edge card. Edge devices send and receive the data that passes through the ATM network.
1. A physical device thatis capable of forwarding packets between legacy interfaces (such as Ethernetand Token Ring) and ATM interfaces based on data-linkand network layer information. An edge device does not participate in therunning of any network layer routing protocol, but it obtains forwardingdescriptions using the route distribution protocol. 2. Any device thatisn't an ATM switch that can connect to an ATM switch.
an end point of a sensor- based architecture, such as a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, a dry contact, an laser diode, carousel, scale, robotic picker, or indication devices such as light sticks or message boards
Keywords:  gaudens, emblems, coin, eagles, saint
any marking, lettering or ornamentation on the edge of a coin.
Any marking, design or lettering on the edge of a coin
Letters or emblems on the edge of a coin. Examples would be the stars and lettering on the edge of Saint-Gaudens double eagles.