Definitions for "Router"
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A network device that connects multiple networks together and directs traffic between them. Operates at layer 3 of the OSI model.
The device that connects multiple computer networks by reading layer three addressing on incoming and outgoing packets. Packet information is read and the packets are then forwarded to the appropriate endstation.
A piece of computer hardware that controls the flow of network traffic, allowing multiple computers to share the same connection to the internet. EqualPlanet customers will need a router if their connection is to be shared efficiently between multiple machines, whether at home or at work.
A router is used to finish edges and given the right bit, a router can plane edges, cut multi-curved mouldings, produce relief panels, rabbet and dovetail for professional joints, trim formica and cut delicate grooves for professional inlay work.
link Basically a high speed motor with handles and an adjustable base with a collet that accepts profile bits to cut dados, rabbets, or shapes.
In its simplest form, a router is just an electric chisel. But it's one of the most versatile power woodworking tools around, able to plane, saw, shape, groove, mortise, trim, dado, and more. It's usually operated as a handheld tool, but it also can be mounted to a stationary table for even greater versatility. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
A machine with a rapidly revolving vertical spindle and cutter for scooping out the surface of wood or metal, as between and around the engraved parts of an electrotype.
a machine to gouge or hollow out wood with a high-speed cutter.
A machine with a drill-like cutter for cutting designs into wood or for decoratively edging it.
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horse who performs well at distance races.
A router is a horse that runs distance races well.
Horse that performs well at longer distances.
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Restlet routing calls to one of the attached routes. Each route can compute an affinity score for each call depending on various criteria. The attach() method allow the creation of routes based on URI patterns matching the beginning of a the resource reference's remaining part. In addition, several routing modes are supported, implementing various algorithms: Best match (default) First match Last match Random match Round robin Custom Note that for routes using URI patterns will update the resource reference's base reference during the routing if they are selected. If you are using hierarchical paths, remember to directly attach the child routers to their parent router instead of the top level Restlet component. Also, remember to manually handle the path separator characters in your path patterns otherwise the delegation will not work as expected. Finally, you can modify the routes list while handling incoming calls as the delegation code is ensured to be thread-safe.
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see PrintWhere Router
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See grinder.
A machine that cuts away portions of the laminate to form the desired shape and size of the printed board.
A machine that profiles laminate to the shape and size of the required printed circuit board.
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A plane made like a spokeshave, for working the inside edges of circular sashes.
Routers are the central switching offices of the Internet, corporate Intranets, and WANs. Many different groups-from backbone service providers and local Internet Service Providers to corporations and universities-use routers. Cisco provides more routers than any other company in the world.
(Routeur) : Performs a function similar to a local or remote bridge, but routing occurs at Layer 3 of the Open Systems Interconnection reference model.
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A description of a work process involving multiple participants who must share information. Generally, a router has at least one document or folder is attached to it, but this is not required. A router describes what must be done to the attached object, when, by whom, and in what order. The individual work items in the process defined by a router are called tasks. Taken together, the task descriptions define a workflow. A router can include multiple tasks or a single task.
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A power tool for cutting slots in wood or shaping the edge of wood.
A power tool used for shaping and carving wood. A high-speed cutting bit is maneuvered to remove material where desired.
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A plane with a hooked tool protruding far below the sole, for smoothing the bottom of a cavity.
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An instrument used to grind excess ball plug to a level close to the surface of a ball so that it can be sanded to a smooth finish.
A motorized tool with a blade raised off the surface or placed below the surface. Used to either remove excess material from outer surface of ball (i.e. Excess plugging material) or when modified used to make holes larger or custom sized.
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In the SN0, the custom board that routes memory access between node
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a piece of equipment which directs the information, sent in frames, to the specified location
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Search Engine T-3
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Messages related to mail events.
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See Wireless Access Point.
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