Definitions for "Quarter horse"
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Breed of horse especially fast for a quarter of a mile, from which its name is derived.
The classic cow pony. Short, usually 14 ½ to 15 hands, heavily muscled in both the fore and hind quarters, with short heavy legs, the Quarter Horse is physically able to perform feats that are impossible for other horses. The breed's name is derived from the fact that the Quarter Horse is the fastest horse in the world over the quarter mile, easily out accelerating Thoroughbreds. The Quarter Horse's special conformation also accounts for two other special abilities. first, the ability to leap directly into the gallop from a standing start, and second, the ability to stop dead from the gallop in a spectacular sliding stop that can not be done by other horses. With its low center of gravity and exceptional balance, the Quarter Horse excels at such events as barrel racing and cutting. More about Quarter Horses
a small powerful horse originally bred for sprinting in quarter-mile races in Virginia