Definitions for "Pony"
A translation or a key used to avoid study in getting lessons; a crib; a trot.
A small glass of beer.
(noun and adjective) A small or stunted hippocentaur. Also a member of any mythical race of miniature centaur s, similar to the human dwarf, elf, or fairy.
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4 legged equine of 14.2hh (148cm) or less
Equine 14.2 hands or under.
The true size of the stallion that you bred your mare to via transported semen-that was advertised as 15 hands tall.
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Beads meade of segments of drawn tubes of glass of various thicknesses, typically slightly oval in shape due to tumbling and polishing, the shorter dimension being through the hole. Larger than seed beads and smaller than crows. Also known as "E" beads, sizes 5/0 or 6/0. Pony beads were made prior to seed beads and were used extensively during the 1830's to 1850's.
Beads made of glass or plastic, typically slightly oval in shape, the shorter dimension being through the hole. Pony beads are larger than seed beads and smaller than crows.
Twenty-five pounds sterling.
Twenty-five pounds (slang)
n. A low-level streetdealer, lower on the social scale than a Fixer (q.v.). (Origin: from a pony's ability to carry, but possibly also from London slang: pony = 20 pounds(); ponies very rarely sell expensive items.)
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Pony is an award-winning short film directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, starring Karyn Dwyer as a dead girl in limbo who uses the last seconds of her life to ease her father's grief. It is based on an excerpt from the play White Biting Dog by two time Governor General Award winning playwright Judith Thompson.
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a bluesy number from John
a provocative story of love and sexual awakening
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a thing, Toidy likes to ride things
An athletic shoe brand that was popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The rights to the Pony brand went through several changes over the years. The latest brand owner was attempting a return to the market in 2002.
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an informal term for a racehorse; "he liked to bet on the ponies"
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One fluid ounce.
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to understand
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a person who pulls teeth
Generic term used to describe the perfect-binding line in the finishing department.
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Mail delivery system within the school system