Definitions for "Outrider"
The outrider ensures the safety of the horses and jockeys while on the track. They assist with loose horses, helping jockeys pull up a horse after a race and calm horses during the post parade.
an official who leads the thoroughbreds onto the track and to the gate, enforcing the rules of conduct leading up to a race.
an escort who rides ahead (as a member of the vanguard)
One who rides out on horseback, beyond the main group, e. g., as a scout.
A servant on horseback attending a carriage.
In the Star Wars galaxy, the Outrider is the spaceship of the Corellian smuggler Dash Rendar. The ship is a modified YT-2400 freighter that has been modified for smuggling duty.
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Outrider is an album by Jimmy Page, released by Geffen Records on June 19, 1988. It is his first (to date, only) proper solo album, and the first time since 1969 Jimmy recorded with another label other than Atlantic Records/Swan Song Records. It was recorded at The Sol, a studio owned by Jimmy at the time.
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see Aradune Mithara.
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A summoner whose office is to cite men before the sheriff.