Definitions for "Rodeo"
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A round-up. See Round-up.
An event where cowboys show off their skill at riding, roping and rounding up cattle.
Similar to the Bronco. You start once again, banging a chick from behind. At a pre-arranged time you grab her hair with one hand just as several buddies bust into the room. See if you can hang on for 8 seconds cowboy. Yee Haw! Also known as "Raging Bull"
an extreme whitewater discipline where the "arena" is a powerful hydraulic (in which boaters perform an array of boat-spinning tricks)
Whitewater kayaking competition involving tricks performed in hydraulics. Rodeo boats have a specialized profile for performing spins, twists and other maneuvers.
Rodeo, pronounced by Copland as (ROH-dee-oh) Google Answers thread on the pronunciation of "Rodeo", is a ballet score written by American composer Aaron Copland in 1942. It was originally created for a string orchestra but was later modified for a full symphony orchestra. Originally known as Four Dance Episodes, Rodeo consists of four sections: Buckaroo Holiday, Corral Nocturne, Saturday Night Waltz and Hoe-Down.
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"Rodeo" is the first single released from rapper Juvenile's 2006 album Reality Check. The track was produced by Cool and Dre.
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Rope Skipping Rounders
a central Cailfornia tradition
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a biking workshop that will teach kids and their parents how to ride bikes safely
Turning frontside 180 while completing an inverted 360 rotation for a total of 540. A rodeo 720 is when you would turn frontside 360 while completing an inverted 360 rotation for a total 720.
a project of the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce
Fighter sweep over a specific area to engage German fighters.
Rodeo is a traditional sport from Mexico that has been adopted in other areas of North America. The word is from Spanish and literally means "I surround."
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a spirit many seek to experience from days gone by