Definitions for "Whip"
Keywords:  whisk, lash, beater, mixer, beat
To strike with a lash, a cord, a rod, or anything slender and lithe; to lash; to beat; as, to whip a horse, or a carpet.
To drive with lashes or strokes of a whip; to cause to rotate by lashing with a cord; as, to whip a top.
To punish with a whip, scourge, or rod; to flog; to beat; as, to whip a vagrant; to whip one with thirty nine lashes; to whip a perverse boy.
A huntsman who whips in the hounds; whipper-in.
A person (as a member of Parliament) appointed to enforce party discipline, and secure the attendance of the members of a Parliament party at any important session, especially when their votes are needed.
A call made upon members of a Parliament party to be in their places at a given time, as when a vote is to be taken.
To overlay (a cord, rope, or the like) with other cords going round and round it; to overcast, as the edge of a seam; to wrap; -- often with about, around, or over.
To sew lightly; specifically, to form (a fabric) into gathers by loosely overcasting the rolled edge and drawing up the thread; as, to whip a ruffle.
To secure the end of (a rope, or the like) from untwisting by overcasting it with small stuff.
Keywords:  jockey, rider, horse, carriage, driver
A coachman; a driver of a carriage; as, a good whip.
Name given a stagecoach driver who used the sound of a cracking whip to encourage the horses; he did not hit the horses with the whip.
A long, thin device held by the rider and used to urge the horse on.
an instrument played by a percussionist that is used in modern orchestras, bands, and percussion ensembles
The whip or slapstick is a percussion instrument consisting of two wooden boards joined by a hinge at one end. Typical dimensions of each board are 40cm long and 15cm wide. When the boards are brought together rapidly, the sound is reminiscent of the crack of a whip.
a common conversion weapon for a Transmetal that has a long tail in beast mode
a dazzling weapon, true enough, but not really very practical in a melee facing determined opponents
a very painful and dangerous weapon
Keywords:  piano, quick, vibratory, spring, motion
Any of various pieces that operate with a quick vibratory motion, as a spring in certain electrical devices for making a circuit, or a rocking certain piano actions.
a quick blow with a whip
a tool, an instrument -- but so is a piano
Keywords:  coast, lindy, west, swing, dance
A dance figure common in Swing dances such as East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, which gets its name from "whipping" action of the lady around the man.
Whip is a kind of swing dance popular in Texas, USA, which is danced to Rhythm and Blues music. It is a slotted dance similar to West Coast Swing.
Walks and hits per inning pitched, calculated by the formula: BB+ H/IP. It is a common category in rotisserie and fantasy baseball leagues. Those pitchers with a WHIP ratio below 1.250 are usually solid major-leaguers, while those whose WHIP exceeds 1.400 will struggle to be consistent. A WHIP below 1.00 is not uncommon among the top pitchers in baseball.
Details ] [ ] Walks plus hits allowed per inning pitched.
The length of the arm reckoned from the shaft.
to spank, though more accurately, to spank with a flexible implement (e.g. a strap or switch).
(golf) the flexibility of the shaft of a golf club
One of the arms or frames of a windmill, on which the sails are spread.
the backbone of a sail or sweep
the principal longitudinal member of a sail.
A tall slender tree in the upper canopy, with very constricted crown and incapable of existence without the support of the neighboring trees.
A young tree. Often one that has developed a main stem but very few branches.
A thin tree with very small crown reaching into the upper canopy. Also used for thin whippy broad-leaved tree as compared with a 'standard' or a forest transplant.
Keywords:  hoist, tackle, rope, single, light
To hoist or purchase by means of a whip.
A small tackle with a single rope, used to hoist light bodies.
subject to harsh criticism; "The Senator blistered the administration in his speech on Friday"; "the professor scaled the students"; "your invectives scorched the community"
The stick used by the stickperson to move the dice
Slang for the stick used by the stickman.
Keywords:  smelly, kelly, doubt, valuable, advice
a valuable training aid and if you write them off the way you have done smelly kelly, then I doubt you have the experience to offer advice
Keywords:  kqxi, denver, career, began, radio
The vertical portion of the antenna assembly acting as the radiator of the radio frequency energy.
DJ Whip began his radio career at KQXI-FM in Denver.
Keywords:  montare, battere, verb
verb, "montare, battere"
Keywords:  sensually, gently, cheeks, bare, staple
he sharp crack of a whip is a staple in BDSM games. Whips can be used gently and sensually or turn someone's bare butt cheeks flaming red.
defeat thoroughly; "He mopped up the floor with his opponents"
Keywords:  hanger, utensil, wire, kitchen, coiled
A kitchen utensil generally made of coiled wire with a handle used for mixing food.
a glorified coat-hanger with a wire
Keywords:  snatch, motion, fly, rod, jerk
To take or move by a sudden motion; to jerk; to snatch; -- with into, out, up, off, and the like.
To fish (a body of water) with a rod and artificial fly, the motion being that employed in using a whip.
Keywords:  pennant, long, see
The long pennant. See Pennant (a)
Keywords:  lumpy, dog, accessory, happen, dry
Useful accessory if that dry, lumpy dog food is all you happen to have on board.
an insignificant thing but a mere thought of it can remove God from within
Keywords:  fighters, king, series, character
Whip is a character from the King of Fighters series.
Keywords:  curtain, strike, face, her
strike as if by whipping; "The curtain whipped her face"
Keywords:  stem, grown, view, plant, single
A term given to a single stem of a plant being grown with a view to producing a standard.
Keywords:  tool, training, humane
a very humane training tool
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wind without would year