Definitions for "YEAR"
The time of the apparent revolution of the sun trough the ecliptic; the period occupied by the earth in making its revolution around the sun, called the astronomical year; also, a period more or less nearly agreeing with this, adopted by various nations as a measure of time, and called the civil year; as, the common lunar year of 354 days, still in use among the Mohammedans; the year of 360 days, etc. In common usage, the year consists of 365 days, and every fourth year (called bissextile, or leap year) of 366 days, a day being added to February on that year, on account of the excess above 365 days (see Bissextile).
The time in which any planet completes a revolution about the sun; as, the year of Jupiter or of Saturn.
The period required for an object to orbit a star once. Note that the length of a year depends upon where you are: an Earth year is 365 days, but a Pluto year is almost 250 Earth years.
See definitions for sidereal year and tropical year.
The period of one complete revolution in right ascension of the fictitious mean sun, as defined by Newcomb. The beginning of a Besselian year, traditionally used as as standard epoch, is denoted by the suffix ".0". Since 1984 standard epochs have been defined by the Julian year rather that the Besselian year. For distinction, the beginning of the Besselian year is now identified by the prefix B (e.g., B1950.0). [S92
The period of one complete revolution of the mean longitude of the sun with respect to the dynamical equinox. The tropical year is longer than the Besselian year (see year, Besselian) by 0s.148 , where is centuries from B1900.0. [S92
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(shah-NAH) n. Year.
an eternity in politics -- an eternity to make big mistakes, mount large offensives and raise (and spend) millions of dollars
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The year spelled out ( NINETEEN-NINETY-NINE)
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an extremely loooong Plan A
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a lot of days all added together
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that current person became senior / head clergy: In what year did [you/this person] become the head or senior clergy person or religious leader
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a trained beast with no memories
a body of students who graduate together; "the class of '97"; "she was in my year at Hoehandle High"
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a lengthy commitment made even longer if you begin too aggressively with such activities
a crucial difference when it comes to readiness for reading and arithmetic
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a legitimate try for me
a generation in the Internet space and pre-allocating all funding virtually insures missed opportunities
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an excellent lead track)
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an orbital measure
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The year the publication was published.
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Age, or old age; as, a man in years.
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See model year