Definitions for "Commitment"
The act of pledging or engaging; the act of exposing, endangering, or compromising; also, the state of being pledged or engaged.
A pledge or promise; a firm agreement. Example: Collins obtains a commitment from a savings and loan association for a $ 1 00,000 loan on a house she wants to buy. She is then assured of the loan so business will proceed to closing.
A promise by a lender, usually in writing, to provide a mortgage or other loan. Sets out details of the mortgage. Often referred to as Commitment Letter or Binder.
The process by which the court transfers legal custody of a child from a parent or legal guardian to either the Department of Juvenile Justice or the Department of Social Services. Commitment is also a process by which children with mental health problems can be hospitalized either with their consent or over their objections.
A Court ordered placement in either a residential or day treatment facility.
Placement of a child/youth in the custody (children in a family with service needs and delinquent children) or guardianship (neglected, dependent, uncared for children/youth) of the Department of Children and Youth Services by an order of the court.
A Limited Partner's obligation to provide an agreed upon amount of capital to a fund.
an obligation, typically the maximum amount that a limited partner agrees to invest in a fund.
Acknowledgment by a study partner that it will formally obligate funding to the pooled fund study or provide funding in the form of a check or provide in-kind support. Study partners indicate their funding commitments for the life of the study; many times, this consists of contributions for each year of the study.
A warrant or order for the imprisonment of a person; -- more frequently termed a mittimus.
a warrant, order, or process by which the court directs a judicial officer to take a person to a correctional facility.
A court proceeding directing confinement of a mentally ill or incompetent person for treatment. The commitment proceeding may be either civil or criminal as well as voluntary or involuntary.
The act of committing, or putting in charge, keeping, or trust; consignment; esp., the act of committing to prison.
Consigning an individual to a hospital or prison, usually after undergoing due process of law.
the warrant or order by which a court or magistrate directs an officer to take a person to prison.
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v.: Commitment can be illustrated by a breakfast of ham and eggs. Note: The issue has been raised by Jenni Kay that only the pig has made a commitment, whereas the chicken has made a contribution.
a discrete, specific, publicly expressed, collectively agreed statement of intent in the communiqué issued at the end of the Summit.
An undertaking by a bank that it will make funds available or issue its guarantee.
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Commitment is Guang Liang's fourth solo album release. It consists of two CD's. The first disc includes new tracks and songs originally written for other singers while the second disc is compiled of piano instrumental renditions of his previously released songs.
to be totally and completely given over to God as controller of your life. The level of commitment God wants is exemplified in two ways; the commitment of a marriage to be united no matter what and the commitment to stand up for God’s Truth, no matter what the cost. Commitment even to the point of death is one of the defining characteristics of being a Christian. If you are not willing to even lay down your life for Jesus, then your faith is shallow and will not save you. Please note, however, that it is important not to confuse willingness and fear; it is natural to be afraid to die (most everyone is). Commitment is demonstrated when you are willing despite your fear.
entrusting; giving over one's life to God
commitment - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
In Marcia's terminology, personal investment in an occupation or system of beliefs.
The size of the investment of time and energy that a youth has made to a conventional activity, such as getting good grades. See also attachment; belief; bond; involvement
Prepared by the title insurance company after the title is searched in the public records, indicating the status of the title and stipulating requirements to be satisfied prior to Closing. These requirements may include a deed to the purchaser and a deed of trust or mortgage, satisfaction of delinquent taxes, judgments, etc., and payment and release of other encumbrances on the title.
The sum of all reservations and encumbrances.
For the Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP), a commitment occurs when the Department receives and accepts an origination record and a signed promissory note from the borrower.
The act of leaving goods at the Crédit Municipal as security, in return for a loan.
A doing, or perpetration, in a bad sense, as of a crime or blunder; commission.
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An action-oriented concept involving the personal and institutional commitment to make things happen or facilitate a process change which may alter culture, actions or resource allocation.
In development, a cell that is unable to alter its developmental fate has undergone commitment.
A scheme for development that has an unexpired planning permission, or is the subject of a resolution to permit a particular development.
areas of land with existing planning permissions for specific land uses.
the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons. One of the seven Fundamental Attributes of SpongeBob that contribute to the doctrine of the Church.
Pact between two or more people who trust each other to perform; commitments are freely assumed, explicitly defined, and visible
The act of referring or intrusting to a committee for consideration and report; as, the commitment of a petition or a bill.
Equal sending and receiving. Commitment is derived from the French word “mittere,” which means to send. “Co” means equal or with. We are making a commitment to a person or situation when we are willing to send and receive in equal measure.
Guarantee that the necessary instinctive power will be allocated to accomplish a goal.
is a phase of consortium formation that transforms a functional consortium into delivery consortium. At this phase risks, organizational relationships, and other additional (non-functional) things are taken into consideration.
The most successful outcome of a leader's influence tactic: The person makes a full effort. [8
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1. The ability to stick with a decision, often gained by people who are in recovery. 2. Doing what we say we’ll do without "bringing it up for a vote" all the time. 3. Doing exactly what we said we’d do -- when, where and how we said we would.
The extent to which an individual volunteer identifies with and involves themselves in an organisation or event.
Accounting term applied to the value of funds tied up in purchase orders but for which no invoice has yet been received or paid. Although the money has not yet flowed out of the organisation, the University is 'committed' to paying it when the invoice is received as the purchase order is a legally binding contract.
See Binder. (Has different meanings in related businesses such as real estate, mortgage lending, etc.)
The step which places a Server sequence within the internal world of Server thought. Because the physical body is capable of imposing sequences upon the external world, action and commitment are usually related.
the process by which an individual increasingly identifies with the group, its meaning systems, and its goals
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Commodity Compound Compounding
An identified time period for the processing of mail. Each process stream has a specified processing commitment. See Corporate Operating Commitment. (engagement)
The reservation of funds for a specific purpose and its formal entry into agency's accounting system so recording the reservation.
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Extension of credit to which the bank is committed
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The Memory Manager's current system-wide total of memory pages that has been committed to either physical memory or a page file.
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See Mortgage Commitment.