Definitions for "TERMS AND CONDITIONS"
The terms and conditions that govern your using You must agree to these terms before you can register.
All the provisions and agreements of a contract.
The Terms and Conditions set out the contractual relationship between Cheltenham & Gloucester plc and the customer.
This is the most important piece of information regarding any financial offer. It usually tells you the issuer's name, the APRs, the fees, the rates, the rules and the stipulations, etc.
Stipulations contained in livestock grazing permits and leases as determined by the authorized officer to be appropriate to achieve management and resource condition objectives for the public lands and other lands administered by BLM and to achieve standards for rangeland health and ensure conformance with guidelines for grazing administration.
This refers to the rules, limitations, exclusions and features of an insurance policy, as well as the rights of both the insurance company and the policyholder.
These are the characteristics that spell out the rights and privileges of both the borrower and the lender and what actions each may or must take. Examples include interest rate, length of repayment, repayment options (equal or graduated repayments), deferment options, late payment charges, and delinquency or default consequences.
Paragraph detailing the liability and specifics of the product or service being sold.
A service of statements defining the contractual terms.
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A term or requirement stated in a contract which must be met for the other party to have the duty to fulfill his/her obligations.
Contained within the policy wording and specifies exactly what the policy covers