Definitions for "Proviso"
An article or clause in any statute, agreement, contract, grant, or other writing, by which a condition is introduced, usually beginning with the word provided; a conditional stipulation that affects an agreement, contract, law, grant, or the like; as, the contract was impaired by its proviso.
A condition or qualification to a statement or action.
a stipulated condition; "he accepted subject to one provision"
Language that qualifies or restricts a specific appropriation.
A clause in a bill that sets out specific exceptions to the general law.
Language used in a general appropriations bill to qualify or restrict the way in which a specific appropriation is to be expended.
The classification of articles as commodities, to which rates, rules and regulations apply as described by the Interstate Commerce Commission. First proviso includes loose household goods. Second proviso inclujdes office furniture, and third proviso includes special products, exhibits, displays, computers, machines and anything needing specialized transportation.