Definitions for "LANGUAGE"
Any means of conveying or communicating ideas;
human speech; the expression of ideas by the voice; sounds, expressive of thought, articulated by the organs of the throat and mouth.
The expression of ideas by writing, or any other instrumentality.
The vocabulary and phraseology belonging to an art or department of knowledge; as, medical language; the language of chemistry or theology.
a set of strings of characters, each of which has meaning
2 hour block Language Arts course for students reading at 3rd grade level or below, focuses on phonemic awareness
Applied to books that primarily discuss language and/or linguistics, particularly as opposed to literature or criticism when used in titles classed in P through PZ.
a convention according to which certan material objects, to be referred to as linguistic objects , define certain actions , which are referred to as their meanings
a Map of our Failures BBC News ran a story yesterday on CNN's linguistic failures in reporting from Iran
The characteristic mode of arranging words, peculiar to an individual speaker or writer; manner of expression; style.
A system of words and rules for their use in speaking, reading, and writing
a system of words used in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "the language of sociology"
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leap year Limewire LOC logo
When used in connection with computers it refers to a special set of instructions by which the computer is programmed to operate or by which data may be manipulated. Quite simply, it is the way in which we speak with the computers. Examples of computer languages are BASIC, COBOL, LOGO or APL. (7/96)
an organised, ordered way of speaking and listening
a culture," says Shambela, who works for Mozambique's National Institute for the Development of Education
an integral part of the cultural identity of a society
a system of cultural definition whereby meanings are assigned to a great variety of specific sound combinations thereof and among a literate people, graphic representations thereof
a living organism, it needs to grow and evolve or it will disappear altogether
a living substance, which evolves under the influence of different factors
a living substance, which evolves under the influence of diff
A system of organizing and defining error messages.
a code for meanings
an approximately intertranslatable system for approximately categorizing the world
an applicatons program
The language being taught with the Rosetta Stone program. Indicated in the top line of the Control Panel.
a computer language and a language used for interacting with or between computers. A programming language is a computer language. [Did I misunderstand the French? This doesn't seem to say anything useful.] Eiffel is a programming language. One should not confuse language with a compiler for that language.
a flash of the human spirit," writes anthropologist, Wade Davis
a set of keywords that you use to write computer programs
a skill, more similar to skills in math or writing or sciences than conker might admit
a living thing
a much more ancient and inevitable thing than a state
a terrible thing to waste
The Dublin Core element used to designate the language of the intellectual content of the resource. Recommended best practice for the values of the Language element is defined by RFC 3066 See also section 4 of the Dublin Core Users Guide.
a vehicle for exploring intellectual territory
A language of the intellectual content of the resource
a mirror of its people
Computer programs can be written in a variety of different languages. Different languages are optimized for different tasks. Common languages include Java, , , ForTran, Pascal, Lisp, and BASIC. Some people classify languages into two categories, higher-level and lower-level. These people would consider assembly language and machine language lower-level languages and all other languages higher-level. In general, higher-level languages can be either interpreted or compiled; many languages allow both, but some are restricted to one or the other. Many people do not consider machine language and assembly language at all when talking about programming languages.
aptitude The special ability that people have, in varying degrees, for learning an L2. [6, 73
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a window on the world - the more windows we have in our house, the more light we let in from outside
Windows 3.1 and 95 can support foreign languages. In most cases, the foreign country has a different set of accented characters and a different keyboard layout. The UK and USA use the Qwerty keyboard layout (this describes the first keys on the top left hand row). France uses the Azerty layout. If you want tp use a different language for display and printing you will have to change the language setup for the font used to support the accents and the keyboard layout for Windows. If you want to use central European or Asian languages, you'll need to buy new fonts
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a very usefull book in itself
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a poorer place without its epics
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The language which the data is written in. Extension: Language (including SIL codes).
One of the standardized language codes defined in RFC 1766. Example: "fj" for Fijian. Derived from the token type.
Language refers to the programming language used to generate the source code.
a data structure, perhaps, but at this point the definition of data structure has become so radically pummelled and distorted that you begin to rather question whether you're actually dealing with some mutant being
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a dark lord, and unforgiving
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a complex structure represented in the minds of its speakers, and this book provides the tools necessary for understanding this structure
an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers
a tool, and if people don't pick it up then there must be something about it that isn't so great
The music with which we charm the serpents guarding another's treasure.
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a federal law that can be overriden by another federal law
an imperative ingredient for the Access developer
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a subset of S
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a matter of national pride and identity
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common sense made verbal
a tradition in this sense
3.2|] [ X1| X1.1] [ IE|| N4-4.x|] Standards Details: NA Required? No Description: This attribute indicates the scripting language the linked element is written in. Values: Alphanumeric string representing a scripting language.
a key element of interoperability between the business-to-business servers of different vendors
Another term for decision problem (but only a total decision problem, not a promise decision problem). An instance is in a language, if and only if the answer to the decision problem is "yes."
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an accident of history
The language the visitors browser is configured to prefer. Sometimes the language the visitors browser is configured to display its menus in or sometimes the language that the visitors browser is configured to request from your web site.
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a living organism which develops very slowly, from within
a discipline to be studied with attention and dedication
a medium for implementing a work product. See also implementation language, modeling language, and natural language.
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Language returns certain terms in language of choice, English or French.
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The language in which the article is published.
a contained structure and its normally quite difficult to break out of it
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Language of the text of the library resource.
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a major part of the wiring of your brain
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a social custom and an asset
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Identifies the language(s) in which an ad is available.