Definitions for "Published"
A node that is viewable by everyone. (See unpublished.)
The published checkbox whether the node is "live" on the website. If it is not checked, it will be visible only to admin users. See also: default workflow, moderation
deliberate unrestricted public access to a work
formally made public; "published accounts"
a song is technically “published” when it is distributed on record, tape, CD or other media to the public for sale, rental, lease or lending. Signing a publishing contract or performing in public does not constitute publication.
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An item that is marked to be displayed in the search results. Departments, topics, subtopics, and questions need to be marked as published in order to appear in the search results and the selections of the tree control. All levels ( question, subtopic, topic, department) need to be published for a department's FAQs to be served on the Web.
The state of an argument, template, or document where it is guaranteed to be stable and to persistent i.e., it can be reliably cited knowing that it will be available and unchanged. If an argument is published then so must be its template and evidence.
prepared and printed for distribution and sale; "the complete published works Dickens"
One of the modes of targeting supported by Software Installation and Maintenance. Administrators can publish software to users. Published applications are not advertised on the desktop; there is no physical appearance of published applications on the user's desktop. Users install published applications from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel or by activating a file type associated with an application.
an accurate representation of the raw data we collected