Definitions for "Desktop"
The personal computer that sits on a user's desk.
The screen background on which windows, icons, and dialog boxes appear, e.g. what you see when your programs are all closed or minimized. If you save or copy shortcuts, files or folders to your Desktop, they are saved on your local hard drive and are not backed up. See Saving Your Shortcuts.
This is what you will see initially after logging in to a Windows PC. Icons on a desktop represent files, folders, or applications and can be arranged and deleted to suit individual requirements. Public PCs at the University of Kent are set up slightly differently, so that they display a log on screen first, then the desktop with default icons that can not be removed.
In the context of the SSTN, a "Desktop" is a secure, password-protected web page which has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of the person using it. For example, a teacher Desktop has links which are only relevant for teachers participating in the project, such as "Create Group" and "Create Project".
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a tool-set which allows CORBA objects to be invoked from WWW browsers
The layer in a drawing where you can experiment and create objects for future use. This layer is outside the borders of the drawing page. You can drag objects from the desktop layer to the drawing page when you decide to use them.
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a work surface, not a storage locker
a container that can only hold internal frames ( JInternalFrame objects)
an object that allows a user to interact with certain application components contained within it
system: Also known as a Personal System, these are designed for geographically dispersed individuals who need to share, create and modify information. They are usually based on a PC hardware platform. [Source: York Telecom
a perfect system for reducing the cost of distribution of these products
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Create an Alert
The most common size of PC found in offices and homes, desktop PCs come in a range of case styles and sizes (see Form Factor for details of these) and the most flexible option in terms of future upgradability and expansion.
a comprehensive application management environment that enables dynamic remote management of mobile applications
an environment for components which can be viewed in frames
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comments questions about win95 desktop options
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a personality mirror
The personal productivity hardware, software, and network access available to an employee in a campus department.
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a different story
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a separate purchase
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A machine-type that can be placed on top of a desk or table.