Definitions for "Window"
a region on a computer display screen which represents a separate computational process, controlled more or less independently from the remaining part of the screen, and having widely varying functions, from simply displaying information to comprising a separate conceptual screen in which output can be visualized, input can be controlled, program dialogs may be accomplished, and a program may be controlled independently of any other processes occurring in the computer. The window may have a fixed location and size, or (as in modern Graphical User Interfaces) may have its size and location on the screen under the control of the operator.
in computer an area on a display screen inside which a portion of a stored image or file can be displayed.
A working area on the desktop containing a software program. A window has a title bar at the top, containing the name of the program. Only one window can be active at one time. The active window receives input from the mouse and keyboard. A dialog box is a type of window.
A Fourier transform of a segment of a pure 400 Hz tone will produce a spectrum with a sharp peak at 400 Hz. But since the segment is finite, if the tone amplitude is constant, the spectrum will have "sidelobes" that extend over a wide range of frequencies. The sidelobes can be sharply reduced by contouring the amplitude with a "window." An example of the spectrum with and without a window is shown here[50 kb
Tinfoil strips dropped by Allied bombers to fog the German radars
1. Any device introduced into the atmosphere for producing an appreciable radar echo, usually for tracking some airborne device or as a tracer of wind. 2. A World War II code name for a type of radar-jamming device employed to confuse the operators of enemy radars (also referred to by the code names of rope, chaff , and clutter ). One type of window consists of packages containing thousands of small strips of paperbacked tinfoil which may be dropped from aircraft and balloons, ejected from rockets, and carried within balloons. The packages burst open upon ejection, scattering the tinfoil widely, producing a radar echo which looks like a small shower or a tight formation of aircraft on plan-position-indicator scopes. 3. Any gap in a linear continuum, as atmospheric windows , ranges of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum to which the atmosphere is transparent, or firing windows , intervals of time during which conditions are favorable for launching a spacecraft on a specific mission.
An opening in the wall of a building for the admission of light and air, usually closed by casements or sashes containing some transparent material, as glass, and capable of being opened and shut at pleasure.
The shutter, casement, sash with its fittings, or other framework, which closes a window opening.
The opening in a mat board through which the image will show. The window is usually 1/8 to 1/2 inch smaller than the image so the image can be taped to the back of the mat.
A cut facet on overlay paperweights.
a facet polished onto a piece of rough, as uncut diamonds are called, to enable a tactician to assess the interior of a stone before cutting it
An optical "see-through" effect observed in faceted gems that have a shallow pavilion angle and are not well proportioned. This causes the stone to look watery and lack brilliance. zinc A lustrous, bluish-white metal that is brittle at room temperature but malleable when heated. Zinc is used in a variety of alloys, including brass, bronze and white gold and is not easily oxidized even in damp air.
a transparent protective device.
a transparent panel (as of an envelope) inserted in an otherwise opaque material
an infrared range that is optimized for optical transmissions
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To furnish with windows.
a furnishing too
The parameters of grey scale chosen for image viewing. The window level is centred on the attenuation of the tissue in question. The window width refers to the range of other tissues demonstrated.
1. Test pattern in a form of white box on black or grey background. A change of window size provides an easy way to control the average picture level. 2. A mode of test pattern generation where the main test signal is gated by a window signal to provide.
(CT) The width of the range of Hounsfield numbers over which the grey scale is spread in a particular CT scan. The absolute position of the window is set by the level. For example if the level is 0 and the window is 200 then the grey scale extends from +100HU to -100HU, if the level is -200 and the window is 400 then the grey scale extends from 0HU to -400HU. In either case any tissue with a Hounsfield number above the upper window limit will appear as white and any tissue with a Hounsfield number bellow the lower window limit will appear as black.
A user-defined area that is used to view a subset of the original map.
an analog of the APSE program's view of the terminal
an element on the workspace that presents a view of an object or conducts a dialog with the user
In cheilostomes, an uncalcified part of wall. In living animals, the window is covered with cuticle. See pelmatidium, lunoecium, dietella. Compare foramen, fenestra, lacuna.
a wind-eye, the word coming from Old Norse 'vindauga' meaning a small hole in a wall through which air and light and images can pass
A tectonic window is a geologic structure formed by erosion or normal faulting on a thrust system. In such a system the hanging wall block is called a nappe. When erosion or normal faulting produces a hole in the nappe where the underlying autochthonous rocks crop out this is called a window.
"Window" is a science fiction story by Bob Leman, published in 1980 and reprinted numerous times. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for best short story, and the influential science fiction publisher Donald A. Wollheim considered it one of the finest examples of the genre.
a page turner and hard to put down until all the mysteries of Angela's difficulties are finally reconciled
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Window is an early release by the band The Microphones. It acts as an accompaniment EP to the album Don't Wake Me Up, since tracks 7-23 are pieces of vocals and short music clips that were incorporated in Don't Wake Me Up, as well as other musical works The Microphone's main member Phil Elverum was working on at the time.
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The period of time between the expected first principal payment and the last anticipated principal payment for a specific REMIC tranche.
In a CMO bond, the period of time between the expected first payment of principal and the expected last payment of principal.
The period of time from receipt of first principal payment to the last.
a square in a fixed quad-tree decomposition of the image, and an index is a fixed-size vector, called a descriptor, similar to the periodograms used in spectral estimation
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a conglomeration of individual widgets
A defect in a thermoplastics film, sheet or moulding, caused by the incomplete plasticization of a piece of material during processing. It appears as a globule in an otherwise blended mass. See also Fish Eye.
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an instance of the class PlotList
A range of wavelengths within which a fiber best operates.
See Wavelength.
Range of wavelengths within which a fiber operates best.
an object that has been created with a program
What you heave the computer out of after you accidentally erase a program that took you three days to set up.
a classic just a shame they never came anywhere near being that good again afterwards
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A separately mounted steel used to gain access to perishable details or other die components. Also called pad window, stripper insert, or insert.
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an opportunity How you dress it is your signature for your home, your finishing touch The colors and textures can wrap you in warmth and personal style and tell anyone who sees them that you dont just reside there, you live there
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The time period during which a financial institution may send items to an ACH operator for processing and delivery to the RDFI by a specific deadline.
the time period that is considered best for starting or finishing something; "the expanded window will give us time to catch the thieves"; "they had a window of less than an hour when an attack would have succeeded"
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an example of a multi-sprite
a period of time in which some activity may be uniquely possible, more easily accomplished, or more likely to succeed; as, a launch window for a mission to Mars.
What some players say after winning a bet.
The same as a Western gap. Windows can indicate the beginning of a strong trend as well as the end of a trend, exhaustion window. As Western technicians say that prices will always fill the gap, the Japanese expect to close the window.
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an file internet explorer iexplore
a film about family, homosexuality, belief and the boundaries of love
a lovely thing
A short period in which an opportunity is availabl... Add a comment
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a subclass of java
A brokerage firm's cashier department, where delivery of securities and settlement of transactions take place.
Set period of time such as a lookback period for market indicator in question.
The time period for which an unknown volume of deposits is accepted at the guaranteed rate on a GIC or other stable value product.
a whole multiple of granularity
Ability to look at multiple pieces of multiple files simultaneously. While this may sound attractive, you must have at least three hands to navigate these windows to successfully build formulas - unless you have a mouse, then you need four hands.
A term describing the upper and lower limits of radiation energy accepted for counting by a spectrometer.
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a rich dream symbol
In telecommunications, this is the flow control mechanism in a packet switched network. It prevents overload by limiting the amount of packets that can be en route at one time.
a client-side object
a "concrete" object
an object and, as we know has properties whose values can be sent by sending certain messages
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A card purposely exposed from a closed hand.
The card exposed or flashed at the end of a player's closed hand.
A cut-out in the body of an envelope to show mailing address, return address and/or special messages. Customized windows can be created in the shape of a product or logo. The window material can be colored for greater impact or a more integrated design.
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Aperture in the dial, that allows reading the underlying indication, mainly the date, but also indications concerning a second zone's time or jumping hour (s.).
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a floating panel
a list of consecutive sequence numbers
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a natural focal point and so the treatment you give it can set the whole style of a room
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a pretty big target
a purely internal representation
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a raised pixel-group that has a button in the upper right-hand corner
an extra diamond-shaped face that forms at the conjunction of two sides and two faces
a time-duration for which certain resource allocations are specified
The length of time booked for a satellite transmission.
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a source of light and a gateway to a world beyond
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The discount window of a Federal Reserve Bank.
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a waste of money
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a very major plus in a room so small
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In networking, the window is the largest amount of data that the receiving end can accept at a given point in time.
an assembly of building materials installed in yet another building material
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a place to show the text of a node
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A figure formed of lines crossing each other.
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To place at or in a window.