Definitions for "Erase"
Keywords:  expunge, delete, rub, holoi, armenians
To rub or scrape out, as letters or characters written, engraved, or painted; to efface; to expunge; to cross out; as, to erase a word or a name.
Fig.: To obliterate; to expunge; to blot out; -- used of ideas in the mind or memory.
The process of removing information from memory or storage. Part of a file or image may be erased.
Keywords:  cmove, jforth, addr, zero, null
Set COUNT bytes beginning with ADDR to zero. Standard note: JForth PAD 256 ERASE ( clear 256 bytes at PAD ) Related Words: FILL CMOVE MOVE DO
Erasing computer memory changes specified binary data in storage with zeros or other null codes. Erasing has the effect of clearing the storage area.
Keywords:  rewritable, optical, drive
Erasable/rewritable optical drive
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produce switch