Definitions for "delete "
Delete replaces the standard 'rm' command with one that moves the deleted files or directories to a $RUBBISH directory. By specifying the -b flag, files can also be backed up to a $BACKUP directory. It can also purge and restore files, and maintains version control over the files it backs up and deletes.
To blot out; to erase; to expunge; to dele; to omit.
To erase; to remove.
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Deleting a Workgroup
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Delete is the second album by Coercion.
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Workflow Transitions
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This terms means to discard (i.e., destroy) information.
An action, see Actions.
Describes the action of discarding data from memory or storage.
reverses the effects of a spell. Slangily called "an Undo."
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cut or eliminate; "she edited the juiciest scenes"
deletes one character to the right. Edit – Menu that allows you to alter text or entire documents as desired.
(1) A C++ keyword that identifies a free-storage deallocation operator. (2) A C++ operator used to destroy objects created by operator new.
Usually used as "Delete from Model". The object will be destructed, and will not be present any more on any diagram, nor in the model. Additionally, all objects that can not exist without the deleted object are deleted from the model, too. E.g. deleting a class also deletes all its associations.
DELETE filename Deletes a specified file. e.g. DELETE "C:\ Logs\ Logfile3"
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Deleting Records
wipe out magnetically recorded information
See cancel.
A kill or cancel, sometimes initiated by the subscriber, or, particularly with controlled titles, by the publisher. Agency cancels (see definition) are an exception.
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deletes the character to the right of the cursor.
Email Notification Preferences
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To no longer stock an item in the warehouse or a retail store.
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Advanced Queries
User Administration - Privileges
This refers to the process of taking an individual off Medicare coverage.
A security permission granted in the access control list that allows users or groups to delete data from server.
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Click to delete the selected example.
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Closes an account. No further entries can be made to a deleted account.
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Source Code Control