Definitions for "Destination"
The place set for the end of a journey, or to which something is sent; place or point aimed at.
The location to which a shipment is being delivered.
the place toward which someone or something is going or is to be sent
The location to which you want to copy a file, directory, or drive.
In some file processing commands ( e.g. COPY or MOVE), the name or directory the files should have after the command is completed. It is generally the last specification on the command line. See also Source.
A copy group or management class attribute that specifies the primary storage pool to which a client file will be backed up, archived, or migrated.
The physical destination in an MQ message server to which produced messages are delivered for routing and subsequent delivery to consumers. This physical destination is identified and encapsulated by an administered object that a JMS client uses to specify the destination for which it is producing messages and/or from which it is consuming messages.
a JMS-administered object, accessible via JNDI
an administrated object, stored in a JNDI repository
Purpose for which anything is destined; predetermined end, object, or use; ultimate design.
Place for which goods or a vehicle is bound. The ultimate stopping place according to the contract of carriage (air cargo).
the ultimate goal for which something is done
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Fran├žais : Destination Deutsch : Ziel Final location of a TRIP. See also : Origin, PLACE
The location of the actual vacation experience.
The location at which transfer actions place data.
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Destination was a disco studio group from New York who had one chart entry: "Move On Up" / "Up Up Up" / "Destination's Theme," which spent four weeks at #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1979. A trio, Destination consisted of Danny Lugo, Kathleen Bradley and Love Chyle Theus.
Destination is the second solo album by Ronan Keating, released on May 20, 2002 by Polydor. It includes the singles "Lovin' Each Day", "If Tomorrow Never Comes", "I Love It When We Do", "We've Got Tonight" (featuring Lulu on the original UK release and Jeanette Biedermann on the German release) and "The Long Goodbye".
Destination is the fifteenth album by the German progressive rock band Eloy, released in 1992. It was the second album to be recorded with the new line-up of Frank Bornemann and Michael Gerlach. It also marked the return of Klaus-Peter Matziol, who last played with Eloy on the 1984 Metromania album.
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an endpoint for actions & processes involving change of location, transfer.
The endpoint where traffic exits an ONS 15454 network. Endpoints can be a path (STS or STS/VT for optical card endpoints), port (for electrical circuits, such as DS1, VT, DS3, STS), or card (for circuits on DS1 and Ethernet cards).
The client that is the endpoint of a TNS connection. The initiator of the connection requires some data or service of the destination.
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LFO process triggered wah
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a simple mouse-click away About TACA TACA entered the airline business firmly devoted to providing fast and reliable service throughout the Americas
a printer, file, or another program, such as your e-mail, fax, and word-processing program
The field in the SendFAX screen where you would enter the recipient's fax number
An output Stream or Database field.
The keyword that you enter on the command line that specifies the output device; for example, PS, TERM or MAIL.
The equipment connected to the output of a routing switcher, crosspoint switch or switching array. Used when defining the size of a switching array, the user must specify how many sources and destination there are in the system. See Source.
A direction, usually in a disposition or will, prescribing the order of succession to moveable and heritable property (see definition).
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A hotel, resort, attraction, city, region, or state.
Each company has a semi-historical destination to reach. This is either a city or an edge area. These were selected to encourage historical track development.
The town or city to which the customer is moving or goods are being shipped.
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The next non-graphic request after the current one in a visit.
The first non-graphic request following the current request in a visit.
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a link to another PDF document
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A node designated as the intended receiver of data.
The data receiving node (device, computer, etc.).
The term given to a receiving Bluetooth device. See also Source.
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the mailbox number or name of the person you want to receive the message
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a system service that plays or supplies midi data
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a single router
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a lot more than that
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The destination address, an internet header field.
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The port or group of ports on host computer system, printer, or modem to which users will connect and share.
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The act of destining or appointing.
The geographical area to which goods or services are supplied
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Where an audio signal is going. Usually it is an input to some piece of equipment.
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Delivery Point.
a computer name, Internet Protocol (IP) address, or IP range and can include a path
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destination may be local (that is, present) or remote (that is, not present). See destination name | Links
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See Country of destination
A document or program receiving information that was originally generated in another program or document.