Definitions for "Directory entry"
Keywords:  det, entry, octet, filename, macintosh
An item in the server's Directory Entry Table (DET), which points to the first of the disk blocks used to store a file or directory. The directory entry also provides information about the file or directory, such as the name, creation date and time, size, and so on. Each directory, DOS file, and trustee list on the network uses up one directory entry. Each Macintosh file or directory takes up two directory entries. If you run out of directory entries on your disk, no one will be able to create a new file or directory.
a data structure that describes the characteristics of a file or directory, beginning with a length octet describing the size of the entire entry
a directory, file or volume label
an instantiation of one or more object classes, that is, a set of attributes
a set of attributes and their values
Same as directory object.
Keywords:  props, triple, node, string, text
a triple ( name , props , node ) , where name is a text string, props is a property list, and node is a node number