Definitions for "Link"
Hence: Anything, whether material or not, which binds together, or connects, separate things; a part of a connected series; a tie; a bond.
To connect or unite with a link or as with a link; to join; to attach; to unite; to couple.
To be connected.
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A single ring or division of a chain.
The length of one joint of Gunter's chain, being the hundredth part of it, or 7.92 inches, the chain being 66 feet in length. Cf. Chain, n., 4.
Unit of length equal to 1/100 chain (7.92 inches).
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Any intermediate rod or piece for transmitting force or motion, especially a short connecting rod with a bearing at each end; specifically (Steam Engine), the slotted bar, or connecting piece, to the opposite ends of which the eccentric rods are jointed, and by means of which the movement of the valve is varied, in a link motion.
Physical connection between two nodes in a network. Also see Network Node
In traffic assignment, a section of the highway network defined by a node at each end.
A hill or ridge, as a sand hill, or a wooded or turfy bank between cultivated fields, etc.
Sand hills with the surrounding level or undulating land, such as occur along the seashore, a river bank, etc.
compartively level or gentlyundulating sandy ground near the seashore, covered with turf, coarse grass, etc.; a ridge or bank; one of the series of rings or loops which form a chain; a connecting part, whetherin material or immaterial sense
(1) (n.) An entry in a directory file that links a user-assigned name for a file to the system's identification number for that file.(2) (n.) A file name the user gives to a file. See also hard link, symbolic link.(3) (n.) In Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), the communications connection that is negotiated and established between two peers. SolarisTM PPP 4.0 supports two types of links, dial up and leased line.(4) (v.) To join data or compiled modules to form an executable program.
a directory entry that refers to a file. There are two kinds of links-- hard and soft--both using the ln command. A hard link is indistinguishable from an original directory entry; it may not span file systems or refer to directories. A soft or symbolic link contains the name of the file to which it is linked; it may span file systems and refer to directories.
a Windows shortcut, which is represented by a special type of file having the .LNK or .URL extension. To avoid confusion with Montage Shortcuts, we use the term link as the preferred way of referring to Windows "shortcuts".
LINK+ is a shared online catalog of books in libraries in California and Nevada. You can use LINK+ to request books that are not available in the Libraries, either because they are checked out or because we don't own them.
Link+ is a consortia of libraries in California and Nevada that share books. Access to the Link+ catalog is found through the main Blais homepage or from the maroon Link+ button located at the top of item records and the results screens. see the Link+ entry for more information.
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LINK is a UK network of cash machines. You can use LINK cards to withdraw cash from ATMs displaying the LINK sign. Some banks and building societies offer LINK cardholders international cash withdrawal services, which means you can take out money in local currency at a cash machine bearing the LINK logo when you are abroad. Your account back home is debited in pounds
A layer 2 network segment (typically in the WAN). For example, a Frame Relay link (native), an ATM link (native), or an IP link running any layer 2 protocol). An IP tunnel is not a link.
A link is a layer 2 network packet transport medium, examples are Ethernet, Token Ring, PPP, SLIP, ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay,...
Link is a publication of The Greenville News and Gannett. It features local entertainment, news, photos, reviews and more. It is a free publication and is available at more than 900 locations in Anderson, Greenville, Pickens and Spartanburg counties of the Upstate South Carolina.
definition: This word was all over the headlines in Germany at the end of February, as Dortmund captain Christian Wörns used it to describe Germany coach Jürgen Klinsmann, after feeling cheated out of his chances of winning a place in the squad for the World Cup. If someone is link, it means they are false and dishonest. As a noun "Link" is used to describe internet links too.
LINK is a project started in 1968 by Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates or WEFA, (now Global Insight), to build the world's first global macroeconomic model, linking models of many of the world's countries so that the effect of changes in the economy of one country are reflected in other countries.
Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto. The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's flagship game franchises, a franchise which has sold over 47 million copies worldwide to date (2006). Their enduring popularity has led to many incarnations of the The Legend of Zelda story and of its Link character.
Link is a 1986 British horror film starring Elizabeth Shue and Terence Stamp. The title character, "Link", is a super-intelligent orangutan who lashes out against his masters when they try to have him put to sleep. The film also features two chimpanzees, one of which is a baby.
Link is an album by Mathuresh, released in 1996 in Sweden. Most of the musical tracks belong to the genre of Goa trance. The album was recorded and mixed at Bauneholm Studios in Copenhagen.
A general term used to indicate the existence of communications facilities between two points. Military occupational specialty (MOS) A term used to identify a grouping of duty positions possessing such close occupational or functional relationship that an optimal degree of interchangeability among persons so classified exists at any given level of skill.
Français : TRAJET, Tronçon de parcours Deutsch : STRECKE The unique, oriented way between two POINTs against which distances are usually expressed. See also : TIMING LINK, POINT ON LINK
A coverage feature class; links are two-point segments that represent from- and to-locations for the rubber sheeting adjustment process.
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An aftermarket ECU
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A relationship between two anchors , stored in the same or different database . See "Internal" and "External" .
see also: anchor, topology dexter '94 Engelbart Nelson Bush
A logical relationship between two or more tables, often based on corresponding or related fields in each of the tables.
local potential logic logical form
A Link is the logical medium by which H1 Fieldbus devices are interconnected. It is composed of one or more physical segments interconnected by bus Repeaters or Couplers. All of the devices on a link share a common schedule which is administered by that link's current LAS.
A fiber optic cable with connectors attached to a transmitter (source) and receiver (detector).
An optical cable with connectors attached to a transmitter and receiver (source and detector).
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Sausages; -- because linked together.
To string together two or more tricks or maneuvers back-to-back. It is more difficult to link tricks together than to incorporate blank walls on a Vert ramp. Flatland is all about linking trick after trick.
In mathematics, a link is a collection of knots which do not intersect, but which may be linked (or knotted) together.
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The Link is the second-floor area between Love North and Love South. It houses the Reference Desk, Reference Collection, IRIS research computers, Integrated Computer Area and office space for the Reference staff.
The reference in a link field.
In MPORT, links are also referred to as creatives.
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(noun) jobian one configuration of the universe, from the big bang to the big crunch
Any one of the several elementary pieces of a mechanism, as the fixed frame, or a rod, wheel, mass of confined liquid, etc., by which relative motion of other parts is produced and constrained.
The rod between the wheel cylinder piston and the brake shoe. Roller Bearing - A bearing that uses a series of steel rollers held between inner and outer bearing races.
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From Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 ( 2004-03-16) A set of grammars that when matched by something the user says or keys in, either transitions to a new dialog or document or throws an event in the current form item.
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A torch made of tow and pitch, or the like.
From Web Characterization Terminology & Definitions Sheet ( 1999-05-24) A link expresses one or more (explicit or implicit) relationships between two or more resources. Note: The type of the relationship can describe relationships like "authored by", "embedded", etc. Types can themselves be identified by URIs as for example is the case for RDF .
A rigid body which maintains a fixed relationship between joints. (ISO 8373)
see relationship here and also Relationships
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Sometimes known as a 'mating receptacle'. The link comes with box and chest locks and is fitted to the lid. When the lid is closed the link enters the lock and when the key is turned it slides across and locks the link in place preventing the box or chest opening.
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in a squeeze position, an entry in a suit that includes a menace.
Anything doubled and closed like a link; as, a link of horsehair.
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A pre-defined callback provided by Sun WorkShop Visual.
The essence of WWW. Can be a source of trouble among Japan-based websites because they have a general tendency to be quite restrictive about being linked from other sites. Linking to these sites without obtaining prior approval may cause unwanted complications.
A collection of (more-than-one) disjoint embeddings of the unit circle into three dimensions. Sometimes I call one component links knots in this manual.
A bond of affinity, or a unit of valence between atoms; -- applied to a unit of chemical force or attraction.
A telecommunications circuit or channel.
A telecommunications circuit between any two telecommunications devices, not including the equipment connector.
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A winding of a river; also, the ground along such a winding; a meander; -- usually in pl.
The part of the horizontal cabling system between the work area outlet and the telecom closet termination.
A character string that denotes a work at a remote location in a network; the link is associated with a protocol for retrieving a copy of the item denoted by the character string. Invoking or executing a link means to call a function in the protocol that fetches a copy of the work into the local computer.
In surveying, a length of 7.92 inches.
surveying measurement; 7.92 inches
Combine compiled code to make an executable program.
The process of combining separately compiled program modules into an executable program.
A Government-sponsored scheme that encourages collaboration between industry and the science base in over 30 priority areas of research
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Yes v4 up IE3+ a media-independent link
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Hence, any such piece of ground where golf is played; a golf course.
Logistics Information Network
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Shore's analog of a Unix hard link.
a code or other encryption that allows information obtained about an individual to be recorded in such a manner as to allow human subjects to be identified, either directly or indirectly.
To interconnect items of data or portions of one or more computer programs, such as linking object programs by a linkage editor. See bind, and statically linked.
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Items can be linked. Links are displayed as arrows. See also "Part".
when an adoptive family is officially chosen by a birth mother and they choose to move forward with the adoption plan of that child.
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Light Rail Service Provided by Sound Transit.
The act of relating an activity to a goal. Successful completion of the activity should indicate progress towards the related goal.
A method of causing successive play transactions to occur without interruption.
An open line between two or more conferences; this line may be Interactive or Listen-only.
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Synonym for symbolic link.
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A suspension member that has a single joint at each end.
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See the Link topic.
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can be a hard link, soft link, or pipe link
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See Hot Link.
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A link is an instance of an association.
Navigation to get to next browser window or component
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Linked Financing
An institution that obtains capital from individuals, businesses, and other organizations and invests it in various financial assets.
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One of four physical channels used with AI189, AI191 and AI192.
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See measurements.