Definitions for "Measurements"
Measurements are calculated to the nearest hundredth millimeter and are usually written in this format: length x width x height
Measures the overall diameter of a gem. Measurement is stated from the least to the greatest diameter and stated in millimeters. Depth is measured from the table facet to the culet.
The first two numbers represent its diameter. Since most diamonds are not perfectly and exactly round, two numbers are used to illustrate the maximum and minimum diameter points, and the next number represents the height, or depth of the diamond from its culet to its table.
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There are different units of measurements used in computing technology. Size is measured in bits, and speed in bps (bits per second). As there are a many millions of bits involved in processing larger units have been established to make it easier to talk about these units. Here is a table with terms used for larger units. One byte = 8 bits. Bytes 1 Kilobyte 1Kb 1'000 (= 8'000 bits) 1 Megabyte 1Mb 1'000'000 1 Gigabyte 1Gb 1'000'000'000 1 Terabyte 1Tb 1'000'000'000'000
(summary) - *a bit = one binary digit (1 or 0) *"bit" is derived from the contraction b'it (binary digit) - 8 bits = one byte*1024 bytes = one kilobyte*K = kilobyte*Kb = kilobit*MB = megabyte*Mb = megabit*MB/s = megabytes per second*Mb/s = megabits per second*bps = bits per secondi.e., 155 Mb/s = 19.38 MB/s
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Link – 7.92 inches; Chain – 100 Links or 66 feet; Furlong – 1000 links or 660 feet; Rod – 5 1⁄2 yards or 16 1⁄2 feet (also called a perch or pole); Rood – from 5 1⁄2 to 8 yards, depending on locality; Acre – 43,560 square ft. or 160 square rods.
Design of strategies, techniques and instruments for collecting feedback data that evidence the extent to which students demonstrate the desired behaviors.
MIAME distinguishes between three levels of data processing: image (raw data), image analysis and quantitation, gene expression data matrix (normalized and summarized data)
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Furniture and items are measured at their largest/widest points. Art is measured without the frame, unless specified. Prints are measured either to the plate mark of full sheet, if no plate mark or image.
a fundamental aspect involved in the comparability of results
Measurement of physical and chemical parameters of a physical object from a remote location.
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Measurements made in a place to sample the local environment.