Definitions for "Caliper"
Form your left thumb and left index finger into the letter c. The distance between their tips can be fixed and used as a crude measuring device. A caliper is an insturment made of metal or wood that can accurately serve the same purpose. TUTORIALS CALIPERS TUTORIAL
The thickness of a sheet measured under specific conditions. It is usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (points or mils). Caliper is particularly important when printed materials need to be folded, inserted, and mailed using automatic handling equipment.
A precision tool used to measure thickness, depth, inside diameter, and outside diameter. The measuring units are called mils or points.
A type of clamp which grips a disc rotor to create friction and thereby generate stopping power.
The assembly in disc brake that brings the pads to bear on the rotor. A brake caliper houses the brake pads and the hydraulically operated pistons. (The caliper is indicated in blue in Figure 4.) Figure 4. Caliper
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an instrument with legs that open and close and indicators (marked off like a slide rule and/or digital) showing a measurem
A graduated rule with one sliding jaw and one that is stationary. Used to determine thumb oval sizes.
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Tongs that help create and control the molten glass piece.
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