Definitions for "Tongs"
Keywords:  tweezer, grasp, pivot, hinge, gripping
An instrument, usually of metal, consisting of two parts, or long shafts, jointed together at or near one end, or united by an elastic bow, used for handling things, especially hot coals or metals; -- often called a pair of tongs.
the large wrenches used to make up or break out drill pipe, casing, tubing, or other pipe; variously called casing tongs, pipe tongs, and so forth, according to the specific use. Power tongs are pneumatically or hydraulically operated tools that serve to spin the pipe up tight and, in some instances, to apply the final makeup torque.
A grasping device consisting of two pieces joined at one end by a pivot or hinge.
A two-pronged hand-held device for holding charcoal when lighting).
Part of a riveting outfit; used for holding and carrying heated rivets.
Tongs are indispensable for turning foods, especially meat that is best not pierced with a fork.
A method in order to care for your personal hygiene when your movements are limited. Named after the instrument used in implementation.