Definitions for "Rivets"
Rivets are metal bolts used to fasten pieces of metal or beams together.
Fasteners eyelets used to secure the metal to the binder.
A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth cylindrical shaft with heads on either end, the second one formed in position. The heads are somewhat larger than the diameter of the hole into which the rivet has been inserted. Generally one head is factory formed. The other is formed by clenching metal after the rivet has been inserted.
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Small "arming nails" produced iron, steel, or brass for the construction of armour. See also Articulation and Armour, techniques required for building for more information.
Used to reinforce stress points of fabrics or garments.
Inserts found on the face of a wheel, they are usually made of either plastic or aluminum. Rivets are generally decorative, and not functional, on one-piece wheels. However, some two-piece and three-piece wheels are held together by rivets.
Mechanical connectors that join elements without the use of heat.