Definitions for "HEAT"
A force in nature which is recognized in various effects, but especially in the phenomena of fusion and evaporation, and which, as manifested in fire, the sun's rays, mechanical action, chemical combination, etc., becomes directly known to us through the sense of feeling. In its nature heat is a mode of motion, being in general a form of molecular disturbance or vibration. It was formerly supposed to be a subtile, imponderable fluid, to which was given the name caloric.
The sensation caused by the force or influence of heat when excessive, or above that which is normal to the human body; the bodily feeling experienced on exposure to fire, the sun's rays, etc.; the reverse of cold.
High temperature, as distinguished from low temperature, or cold; as, the heat of summer and the cold of winter; heat of the skin or body in fever, etc.
Agitation of mind; inflammation or excitement; exasperation.
Animation, as in discourse; ardor; fervency; as, in the heat of argument.
Sexual excitement in animals; readiness for sexual activity; estrus or rut.
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usually required to start reaction between fuel and oxygen, creating fire.
Noise from the crowd. Either positive or negative. Some people would say that only a positive crowd reaction is heat, but I say these people are dumb. Example: "Rocky drew some major heat when he said this was the Trailor Park Capital of the World."
1. The crowd reaction to a wrestler, usually cheers or boos. 2. To "have heat" with someone else in the promotion is not good.
A violent action unintermitted; a single effort; a single course in a race that consists of two or more courses; as, he won two heats out of three.
A division of an event into a series of races. Each race is one heat. Heats are needed when more swimmers enter a race than there are lanes available in the pool.
A preliminary race to determine which runners advance to the final race.
Utmost violence; rage; vehemence; as, the heat of battle or party.
elp nd ggressive rafficking. Another Rochester PD anti-drug initiative.
High Explosive Anti-Tank. Sometimes called a hollow charge projectile. The explosive is shaped as an inverted cone with the base of the cone at the front of the projectile. At detonation the shape focuses the explosive creating a narrow, high speed jet of plasma which penetrates the armour. The penetration capability of a HEAT projectile is the same regardless of range, so only a single penetration figure is quoted as well as a maximum effective range (where known) in the gun data tables.
A single complete operation of heating, as at a forge or in a furnace; as, to make a horseshoe in a certain number of heats.
To make hot; to communicate heat to, or cause to grow warm; as, to heat an oven or furnace, an iron, or the like.
In steel making this is often used to describe the steel produced from a single melting operation.
Actions by pit crew which lead to the player to believe they are under suspicion of being a counter
The pressure placed on a winning player by the casino.
A form of harassment that counters are often subjected to by casino personnel. It can range from very mild forms, such as a pit boss intently watching a player to more overt forms, such as a pit boss counting down the cards in the discard tray, particularly after a player has raised his bet. Most counters consider heat to be a warning sign that the casino suspects they are counting.
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Period when an animal is ready to be inseminated
an extremely underrated film
When a cow will stand for a bull to breed her. Heat is a good movie starring Robert DeNiro.
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n. enthusiasm, a positive response. The WWF uses a heat machine for its televised shows which make them somewhat of a work.
Enthusiasm, a positive/negative response from fans.
Positive gossip about a project on the Hollywood grapevine.
Heat is an original novel based on the television series Buffy and Angel.
"Heat" is the second episode of the second season of the WB original series, Smallville. The episode was written by Mark Verheiden and was directed by James Marshall. It originally aired on October 1, 2002.
Heat, also known as Andy Warhol's Heat, is an American film released in 1972. Directed by Paul Morrissey and produced by Andy Warhol, it starred Joe Dallesandro, Sylvia Miles and Andrea Feldman. Joe Dallesandro plays Joey Davis, an unemployed former child star who supports himself as a hustler in Los Angeles.
Heat is a manga written by Yoshiyuki Okamura, and illustrated by Ryoichi Ikegami. It was serialized in Big Comic Superior from 1999 to 2004. Heat was also adapted into a live action movie in 2004 featuring Yoshihiko Hakamada, Takeshi Yoshioka and Hakuryu as main actors.
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Heat, says Professor Tyndall, is a mode Of motion, but I know now how he's proving His point; but this I know -- hot words bestowed With skill will set the human fist a-moving, And where it stops the stars burn free and wild. _Crede expertum_ -- I have seen them, child. Gorton Swope
To grow warm or hot by the action of fire or friction, etc., or the communication of heat; as, the iron or the water heats slowly.
Heated; as, the iron though heat red-hot.
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High end massage chairs often add heating elements to the back rests of their chairs to add to the comfort of the massage chair as well as to help loosen the back muscles.
to loosen a collar or other threaded connection by striking it with a hammer.
A climatic cause of disease which can manifest with symptoms such as an aversion to heat, sweating, dark-scanty urine, headache, dry lips and thirst.
One of the six external climatic factors that cause disease. Also used symbolically to represent heightened reactions to change.
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Refers to the estrous period for the sow. The first estrous normally occurs 3 to 5 days after the pigs are weaned.
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a rare masterpiece
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A good fastball. Also "heater."
when a project/script generates a great deal of interest from the filmmaking community. This generally leads to high sale price for the material as companies and studios attempt to outbid one another for the rights. An individual can also be in high demand based on the selling success of their projects or a recently produced project.
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Hitting power. A player who hits the ball very hard is said to "bring the heat". Similarly, it can be said that a puny attacker "doesn't add much warmth to the offence".
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Created when a range burner is turned on. The heat from a standard four burner cooktop cancels out the efforts of one ton air conditioning if it is not removed from the home.
Strong psychological pressure, as in a police investigation; as, when they turned up the heat, he took it on the lam.
Suffering heat in a dream is a sign that you must apologise to someone for giving them ill advise.
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The measure of efficiency in converting input fuel to electricity. Heat rate is expressed as the number of Btu's of fuel (e.g., natural gas) per kilowatt hour (Btu/kWh). Heat rate for power plants depends on the individual plant design, its operating conditions and its level of electric power output. The lower the heat rate, the more efficient the plant.
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setting - The process that sets the twist by heat or steam, enabling yarns to hold their twist over time. Important in cut pile carpet. Most nylon, olefin and polyester cut pile carpets are heat-set.
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Necessary ingredient for fire to start; can be supplied by lightning or human sources.
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One 6-lap event on a 21/2-mile course or 5 laps on a 3-mile course.
a match between qualified boats over a prescribed distance
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the presence of heat
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Heat content of the upper layers of the ocean, from the surface to 300 meters.
Automated Problem Reporting System
The total amount of metal produced which can be represented by one analysis sample and one set of mechanical tests.
an alternative name for access frequency.
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provide with heat; "heat the house"