Definitions for "Prelims"
The front matter of the book, before the text pages, often numbered with roman numerals. Prelims include such things as the title page, table of contents, foreword, dedication, acknowledgements, and so on.
written matter preceding the main text of a book
The preliminary pages of a book i.e. half-title, title page etc. There is a fixed order for the sequence of prelims.
In certain meets, the qualifying rounds held for each event to determine the finalists.
Abbreviation for preliminaries. Sometimes called Trials. Session of a Prelims/Finals meet in which swimmers qualify for the championship, consolation finals, bonus heat or semi-finals.
Short for preliminaries, also called Heats or Trials. These are races that qualify swimmers for the finals.
Preliminary announcements of results by listed companies as required by the Listing rules.
The preliminary announcement, being the initial report to the stock exchange of the company's financial results for the year.
The first release of a company’s results for the financial year to the stock exchange.
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