Definitions for "iFrame"
Keywords:  inline, embed, floating, html, frame
"iFrame" is an open source presentation layer for database-driven web applications. Implemented as a tag library for ColdFusion it enables developers to quickly develop and deploy applications and fully concentrate on the business logic instead of present
The best way to explain an Iframe is that it's a "page within a page." An IFrame creates a window on your page into which you can load another page from any site. It can be effectively used to deliver advertising, but be careful about using them on free sites and galleries, since they are also commonly used to install trojans, exploits and the many Link List and TGP owners are wary of them. That said, used properly by an honest webmaster they can be a great tool.
Index Definition: Inline Frame (Floating Frame) Description: Denotes a floating frame within a document. The content to be displayed is specified by the source element.
Keywords:  webpage, toplist, merged, small, window
a small section that is showing a different webpage inside of it
a small window that is merged into your site, and in this the Toplist appears
a small window within a webpage that shows a separate webpage
Keywords:  dom, document, different
a different DOM in the document
Keywords:  cleaner, interface, offer
a somewhat cleaner interface to offer them