Definitions for "Header"
One who, or that which, heads nails, rivets, etc., esp. a machine for heading.
A brick or stone laid with its shorter face or head in the surface of the wall.
In framing, the piece of timber fitted between two trimmers, and supported by them, and carrying the ends of the tailpieces.
Data attached to the beginning of an electronic file that describes or controls the actions that apply to the following data, such as rotation, mirroring, data type, and compression.
Area appended to and preceding user data containing addressing, format, and other information.
The information that comes at the beginning of a frame or a packet before the message text. It often includes control and addressing information.
(of an HTML document) Part of a webpage defined by HTML beginning with HEAD and ending with /HEAD containing the Title, Description, Keywords fields.
A header is any information located in the top margin of a document that is repeated on every page or every other page, such as document titles or the date.
A sign or other structure across the top of a booth.
A manifold in the heater that directs the flow of water into and out of the heat exchanger.
A performance exhaust system in which ALL runners are of equal length before the collector. This helps to maximize power. A header exhaust is normally mandrel bent and has smooth bends for smoother, higher flow.
The main pipe in the internal plumbing system of a building. The header supplies water to lateral pipes.
See connector block (of pulse generator).
The male connector assembly, also known as a post, in a two piece system.
The portion of a connector assembly which is mounted on a printed circuit.
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Adapted from Edward Lee's cult classic novella, Header is set amid a provincial community and the untamed backwoods of West Virginia.
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Motorist identification number that used to appear on all NYS operator licenses and vehicle registrations. This number was labelled HEDR on driver licenses. DMV is now using a shorter number that they call a Client ID.
A description of who ordered a truck(s), the serial number range of the fleet, and how many were ordered.
a heavy cloth strip, usually canvas, sewn to the hoist edge of a flag and often with grommets for hoisting.
A second lace or embroidery that is sewn to the first to create a second decorative edge. END USE: Used as a top trim on projects; can be sewn or glued. View Image
A fall or plunge head first, as while riding a bicycle, or a skateboard, or in bathing; -- sometimes, implying the striking of the head on the ground; as, to take a header.
First part of a Vitalnet table. Lists basic parameters you selected to define the table, such as years analyzed.
Face-first fall.
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Member of a fishing crew who removes the heads, livers, and entrails of the cod brought ashore to be cleaned and dressed.
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when a player uses his head to shoot, pass or control the ball.
When a player strikes or deflects the ball with his head to pass or shoot.
Using of the head to pass or control the ball.
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Play the ball by hitting it with the forehead.
A display option for the Hit List. The header shows the names of the columns in the infobase which are being displayed in the hit list.
To use the head to hit the ball.
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A wind shift that causes the boat to head away from the next mark.
A change in wind direction which lets the boat head down.
A wind shift during which the wind enters the boat more forward.
The structural member above the windshield at the juncture with the forward edge of the roof panel.
The extra fabric above the curtain rod pocket.
A small sidewall drum into which tubes are rolled. Used as distribution or collecting box for the steam generating tubes.
A steam distributing vessel into which a number of tubes are inserted.
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A reaper for wheat, that cuts off the heads only.
Term used to identify a shipment loaded in front of the trailer, aka headload.
A set of input values that ColdSync passes a conduit on standard input.
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
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One who heads a movement, a party, or a mob; head; chief; leader.
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(a) In Australia, a grain harvesting machine. (b) In other countries, the cutting attachment on a grain harvesting machine. Heading dog Dog that goes around or heads off a group or an individual sheep.
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In team roping, this rider ropes the steer's horns.
Structural support for track that carries the side folding grille or closure.
A header file is a source code file which is #included in one or more modules. By convention (but not by rule) it has a '.h' suffix.
Technical information packaged with an image file, which may be of use in displaying the image (e.g., length and width in pixels), identifying the image (e.g., name or source), or identifying the owner.
A header is the main supply line from which smaller branch lines are supplied. It may be larger to allow for the greater water flow required to supply several branch lines. Pressure drop is the main design consideration.
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Header Pins. A group of pins that cables or wires plug into.
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the name of a game held inside a ROM
The segment that indicates the start of an entity to be transmitted. Headers are control structures.
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the striking of a ball in the air by a player's head.
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A header is a specialized form of press.
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Moving the ball forward using your head.
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See IP header.