Definitions for "Blocking"
Condition where the labels stick to the back side of the liner above them. Usually due to adhesive flow, incomplete die cutting of the adhesive, improper drying of inks or improper drying or curing of coatings.
Blocking refers to the filter transmittance outside the bandpass region, and can be thought of as the degree to which undesired wavelengths are prevented from being transmitted. Filters with deep out-of-band blocking significantly enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the system.
A condition where a plastic film tends to stick to an adjacent surface, either film or some other substance.
The grouping or arrangement of performers; the patterns of movement in a dramatic activity.
The movements and positions that the director works out with the actors in rehearsal for dramatic effect—and so they won’t bump into each on stage. The stage manager makes a careful note of blocking directions for later reference.
the predetermined movement of the actors within a given scene as well as the setup and positioning of the cameras, lights and other technical equipment
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Blocks used to support (a building, etc.) temporarily.
Solid wood block which provides lateral support as in bridging, and/or edge supporting for cladding
Short timbers fixed between chords to laterally brace them. They should be at least 70% of the depth of the CHORDS.
The act of obstructing, supporting, shaping, or stamping with a block or blocks.
A sudden obstruction or interruption in spontaneous flow of thinking or speaking perceived as an absence or deprivation of thought. See also: Treatment
A disturbance associated with thought disorders in which a train of speech is interrupted by silence before an idea is fully expressed.
getting in the way of slow down in front of rival riders, to help a teammate get ahead on a breakaway.
Riders of one team who set a relatively slow tempo at the front of a group to control the speed, often to the advantage of one of their teammates who may be in a break.[ edit
legally impeding the progress of opposing riders to allow teammates a better chance of success.
Blot drawing Blowhose
The act of preventing unwanted molecules from binding to a surface. It is commonly used to prevent antibodies or DNA from binding directly to a membrane instead of binding to a desired biomolecule. It is often done by adding milk proteins (casein) to a protein blot or salmon sperm DNA to a nucleic acid blot after the target molecules have been attached.
Blocking Blot drawing
The act of stretching flat and tacking down a wet rug that is wrinkled or misshapen, wetting again, then allowing the rug to dry.
Refers to straightening and shaping a piece of fabric or needleart. The material is dampened, stretched slightly to straighten, and tacked to a board. It must be allowed to dry while tacked before it is mounted.
The shearshim of piled printed sheets caused by wet ink.
Making a play that prevents your opponent from making a high-scoring play.
Standing in doorways etc, preventing members of the same team from passing, especially on FF off servers.
The prevention of the smooth energy flow through the body by emotional, mental, spiritual and physical stagnation.
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Blocking is the action of molding a hat shape.
light steaming and reshaping a knitted or felt garment or hat.
Term used for the process of setting fabric after knitting, usually done before sewing up.
An artifact of visible discontinuities between adjacent blocks in a DCT-based compression. Often seen at high compressions
A term referring to the occasional blocky appearance of compressed video (an artifact). Caused when the compression ratio is high enough that the averaging of pixels in 8x8 blocks becomes visible.
Artifact found in H.261, H.263 and MPEG video coding. Picture breaks up into square sub-sections when the coder cannot produce an accurate video reproduction due to limited available channel bits and/or processing power.
A routine prevents the routine that called it from continuing until it returns. For example, the mtaDequeueStart() blocks the thread that called it until it has processed all queued messages.
the use of metallic foils, much used on covers and jackets for visual impact or as a routine operation on the spine of a hardback book.
The action of communication routines that wait until their function is complete before returning control to the calling program. For example, a routine that sends a message might delay its exit until it receives confirmation that the message has been received. : Programming language, originally based on "B", designed by Dennis Ritchie. C is a low-level language that has many features commonly found in higher-level languages. C and C++ are two of the most common programming languages used today. : An object-oriented superset of the C programming language. C++ allows the user to use abstract data classes and other advanced data representation/manipulation methods.
the process by which a neutral stimulus paired with a conditioned stimulus that already elicits a conditioned response fails to become a conditioned stimulus. 260
certain conditions can cause a sensor not to function properly, when this happens normal gas sensing is blocked until the condition is removed. The most common block would be lack of sufficient oxygen for an explosimeter.
A condition in which two layers of film adhere to one another.
Condition in a switching system in which no paths or circuits are available to establish a connecton to the called party, even though it is not busy. This results in a busy tone to the calling party.
When a telephone call cannot be completed due to capacity constraints, it is said that the call is blocked.
the process of suspending a thread of execution until an event occurs, possibly switching to other threads in the meanwhile. To the programmer, this appears to be a procedure call that may not return for a long and indeterminate amount of time. Also known as sleeping. Can also be used as an adjective describing OS service calls that can cause such a suspension.
when an offensive player stops an defensive player from getting to the ball carrier. Holds and grabs are not allowed when blocking, neither are trips or tackles, and blocks must always be made in front of the player
assigning trips to vehicles so that each vehicle works continuously and proper headways are maintained. Cycle Time-- the total time required to complete a full cycle. The cycle time includes the running time and the layover/recovery time.
A driver will position his car where he thinks another driver is going to try to pass him in order to make space unavailable.
Making the back end of your car as wide as possible to avoid a pass from a pursuer. That's the figurative definition, anyway.
Changing position on the track to prevent drivers from passing. Blocking is accepted if a car is defending its position in the running order, but is considered unsportsmanlike if lapped cars hold up more competitive teams.
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Situation of play when a suit cannot be played (or continued) anymore because the player on lead does not have cards in this suit, or holds only master cards that lock his hand. Classic example at trump play: my partner leads the 7 of trump to hunt for the Petit, and I hold 21-20-10. If I play the 10, I block the trump continuation. I must play 21-20 then the 10 to allow a trump continuation (unblocking).
causing a suit to be blocked.
The degree to which unwanted wavelengths are restricted from passing through a bandpass filter.
Attenuation of light, usually accomplished by reflection or absorption, outside the passband. Blocking requirements are specified by wavelength range and amount of attenuation. [Depth
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A process is said to block when it is forced to wait for a system resource (this is generally transparent to the user). For example, when two threads attempt to acquire a mutex, one of them succeeds and the other blocks until the mutex is available.
Waiting in the kernel for a resource to become available.
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Results in a fast busy signal; happens when the central office or PBX blocks the line once it has fully utilized its capacity to connect calls.
A PBX term referring to the prevention of any station from receiving a connection because all possible paths in the network are in use.
An NLRB decision not to proceed with an election in a bargaining unit where there are unresolved unfair labor practice charges.
The temporary inability to remember something that is known. go to glossary index
The inability to complete a connection between two points because of a busy condition in the pathway.
inability to remember or communicate something.
Automatically disallows a call to certain numbers, exchanges or areas. ( Phone number cannot be connected by the carrier because no trunks are available. )
A condition in which lines or trunks are unusable because they are busy.
This is similar to baulking, but conveys more deliberation.
A schedule for conducting treatment combinations in an experimental study such that any effects on the experimental results due to a known change in raw materials, operators, machines, etc., become concentrated in the levels of the blocking variable. Note: the reason for blocking is to isolate a systematic effect and prevent it from obscuring the main effects. Blocking is achieved by restricting randomization.
In the statistical theory of the design of experiments, blocking is the arranging of experimental units in groups (blocks) which are similar to one another. For example, an experiment is designed to test a new drug on patients. There are two levels of the treatment, drug, and placebo, administered to male and female patients in a double blind trial.
Penalty on a defender for stepping in front of an offensive player to impede progress.
A situation where Direct Current (DC) is kept from a circuit element due to the high series impedence of a capacitor.
Adding ferrosilicon or other deoxidizing agent to a refined heat to stop all oxidizing reactions.
E-mails that are not being processed by the ISP, and are not reaching the recipients' inboxes.
E-mails that are blocked are not processed through the ISP and are essentially prevented from reaching their addressed destination.
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a multi-billion-dollar business USER - Chiquita Brands, Inc
The effect that causes a user to get a busy signal indicating there are no free channels.
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See Permuted block design.
A detailed description of character-specific traits and motives. See also “Persona.
Lettering or ornamentation impressed into a stock or the cover of a book.
In binding, to impress or stamp a design upon the cover. The design can be blocked in coloured inks, gold leaf or metal foil.
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An option that is specified when binding an application. It allows caching of multiple rows of information by the communications subsystem so that each FETCH statement does not require the transmission of one row for each request across the network.
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The premature activation of the front seal gum in areas other than those directly above the back seam gum.
An optimization that involves changing the access order of loops that access large arrays, so that each array element is accessed as infrequently as possible.
(adj.) An operation that causes the process executing it to block. Usually applied to communications operations, where it implies that the communicating process cannot perform any other operations until the communication has completed. See also asynchronous, non-blocking and synchronous.
In parallel processing, a blocking function is one that does not return until the function is complete.
A method of bonding two adjoining or intersecting walls, not built at the same time, by means of offsets whose vertical dimensions are not less than 8 in.
A pause in conversation caused by emotion.
Failure of a telecommunication system to provide service in response to a call attempt. Blocking in a CDMA system can be due to hard causes, such as lack of a necessary resource, or to soft causes, such as excessive interference in an air interface.
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The practice of dressing up shelves. Products are pulled forward to a shelf's edge from the back of the shelf.
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Some service providers offer blocking, which means if you dial out and don't want your number displayed on caller ID systems, you can block your number to maintain your privacy. This service usually is free.
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In cycling riding on the left hand side of the road for along period of time.
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15% Faster Block Rate
The process of establishing defined groups, as in a treatment allocation schedule designed to ensure a specific allocation ratio.
a situation in which the sending process is blocked until the corresponding Receive is issued
cover decoration applied in a press from a metal plate.
Blocking exist if a request for network resources can not be satisfied by the network.
the dividing an image (moving or still) into blocks which may or may not be separate entities
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Detailed definition
the specific arrangement of actions.