Definitions for "Roughing"
Excessive pushing or shoving (2,4).
Engaging in fisticuffs (fighting) or shoving.
An act of excessive roughness against an opponent, often rather minor violence that stops short of fighting; incurs a minor penalty.
A Preliminary Hand Hackling Operation Involving The Removal Of Tangled And Short Fibres By Means Of A Roughing Tool.
With the non-whistle hand, one punching motion to the side with the arm extending from the shoulder.
The initial removal of material the goal of which is to machine as much material as possible in the least amount of time without regard to surface finish. Roughing brings the part as close to final dimensions as possible while still leaving enough material for clean-up operations.
The mode of EDM that removes the most material in the shortest time. [ Words starting with S
The preparation of a book backbone prior to adhesive application.