Definitions for "Marking"
Discreet marks made on the stage floor to help the production team put scenery and props in the right place during a scene change
an assessment tool that allows teachers to make judgements about what pupils know, understand and can do. Effective marking enables teachers to plan the next stages of work more accurately. When marking relates to written work, pupils should understand the criteria used and benefit from constructive comments that support future work.
to sing sotto voce, or in a less taxing octave, at a rehearsal in order to protect the voice. Principals often mark at long staging rehearsals, when they have unusually heavy loads, or have health concerns, but there is seldom reason for choristers to mark. Marking of course makes no sense at rehearsals aimed at musical balance, such as Sitzproben.
Applying the required descriptive name, instructions, cautions, weight, or specifications or combinations thereof on containers of HM/HW (see Title 49 CFR 171.8).
Marking serves the identification of preliminary material as well as of the product within the manufacturing process, to be able to trace it back any time and to determine the production progress.
A printed identification number or symbol applied to the surface of tubing.
the defensive concept of guarding another player
Defending by staying close to an opponent.
Covering or guarding an opponent.
The act of one who, or that which, marks; the mark or marks made; arrangement or disposition of marks or coloring; as, the marking of a bird's plumage.
See timber marking.
The physical process of selecting trees and identifying to be cut or left during a harvest–usually a painted band around.
scratching or scent message an animal makes to show that an area belongs to him
Scent marking by a cat, including spraying - a natural instinct of urinating on surfaces to mark territory
An instinctual behavior in which male dogs urinate in certain locations to establish their territory.
Involves castration, earmarking and branding of stock up to 6 months of age, but normally 1-3 months. Dehorning and vaccination are usually done at the same time.
Every article of foreign origin, or its container, imported into the United States shall be permanently marked in a conspicuous place in a manner which would indicate to the ultimate purchaser the English name of the country of origin of the article.
the physical stamp, wording, or marking on an article or merchandise that shows in what country the article or merchandise was produced.
Stamping, printing, or tagging security classification designations on documents or material according to prescribed procedures.
Words or abbreviations printed on a mailpiece that show the class of mail, presort level, or ancillary service endorsement. See also endorsement.
Marking of goods to serve as an aid in positioning the frame and referencing the needle start points.
Making temporary marks on fabric to aid in hoop placement and to reference needle beginning points.
Signs and reflectors or reflective materials used to identify various parts of a machine and mark its size and position on a public road. New Equipment: Agricultural equipment manufactured after January 1, 1998.
leaving contrails or otherwise marking aircraft position.
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arrows: marking each hole in a target so that arrows that pass through the target or fall out can be scored by their unmarked holes.
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One of various methods for transferring a design for quilting stitches onto a quilt top.
A method used by printers to put dots of ink or toner onto paper. A print engine is sometimes called a marking engine.
The state where a circuit is closed and current flows in teletypewriter operation.
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The process of indicating cleaving and sawing points on a piece of rough diamond using an ink pen.
evaluation of performance by assigning a grade or score; "what he disliked about teaching was all the grading he had to do"
the evaluation of the students overall performance during the semester.
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See technical glossary: legend
(Mark Number) Used to identify each unique piece.
A feature of electronic indexes and databases that allows you to identify items that you will later export.
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a pattern of marks
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the act of making a visible mark on a surface