Definitions for "Method"
Classification; a mode or system of classifying natural objects according to certain common characteristics; as, the method of Theophrastus; the method of Ray; the Linnæan method.
A method is a function that has been encapsulated in an object.
(def 1-simple) Determines how an object will respond to a message. The method in which an object responds is determined by a method.
An orderly procedure or process; regular manner of doing anything; hence, manner; way; mode; as, a method of teaching languages; a method of improving the mind.
Orderly arrangement, elucidation, development, or classification; clear and lucid exhibition; systematic arrangement peculiar to an individual.
A planned and systematic way of gathering data.
A technique used in acting in which the actor tries to identify with the individual personality of the specific character being portrayed, so as to provide a realistic rendering of the character's role. Also called the Method, method acting, the Stanislavsky Method or Stanislavsky System.
American equivalent of Stanislavsky System.
French Terms equivalent to méthode champenoise approved for wine labels by the European Union.
Method is a 2004 film about a cast and crew in Romania to make a film about Belle Gunness. During filming the lead actress (Elizabeth Hurley), tries to get deeply into character since the film is very important to her career. She may go too far when incidents on the set begin to pattern themselves after the real life story.
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The front hand grabs the heel edge, both knees are bent, and the board is pulled up behind the rider. In the halfpipe, the rider's body can become almost parallel with the ground.
Your front hand grabs behind your front foot.
while in the air bend you knees to bring the board perpendicular to the ground. with your leading hand, grab the heelside edge near your front foot and throw your trailing hand into the air. Hold position as long as possible
Manner of making within the framework of the studies = Means +S tools.
A method is a subsystem specific portion of the cfgmgr framework. For example, the device method is the portion of the cfgmgr framework that supports statically and dynamically configured device drivers. See also device.mth.
Identifies the Assignment process that will be used for a specific Position on a specific Match. The Method value can be: None The position will NOT be filled Manual The Position is not eligible for SelfAssign and will be manually filled by an Assignor SelfAssign The Position is available via the SelfAssign process to any Referee that passes the SelfAssign Rules
The process that is used to produce an item. Such as lithograph, serigraph, giclee or original painting.
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The HTTP method of request, such as get info from server, which appears in Logs as ‘GET’. Two other methods are ‘PUT,’ which means the server gets info from the visitor and ‘HEAD,’ which is like ‘GET’ except that only an item’s HTTP header info is sent (typically occurs if the item was retrieved from the visitor’s cache).
A way in which HTTP requests may be delivered to a server. » Back to top of screen
Each request contains a method. The most common method is "GET", which means simply get the requested item. A "HEAD" request means to get information about the item, such as size and last date modified. A browser will often keep copies of items in their cache and then use a "HEAD" method to check if the item has been modified since it was put in the cache.
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A method is the name given to a certain order of changes. Think of it as a method of ringing changes in a predetermined order. The following is the method of Plain Bob Doubles. Supplied by: Visual Method Archive which Adam Beer created.
A mail-out/mail-back survey of some 21,000 manufacturing, mining and electric utility plants selected from a panel of participants in the 1997 Economic Census. Probability of selection was proportionate to the census value of shipments or payroll within each industry and geographic divisions.
A mail-out/mail-back survey with periodic follow-ups will be used to collect the data.
A particular pattern of knapping behaviour.
The proper arrangement of mental processes in the discovery and proof of truth.
An acting process, based in nature, used to make an actor's performance truthful and believable.
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A method or constructor inside a type.
One available service for a megamodule.
How a language is taught. Methods are made up of a set of techniques that usually reflect a certain view of language teaching.
A proven technique for performing an activity
in a research context usually refers to a method of data collection or analysis, for example, interviewing, questionnaire, content analysis, and so on.
A basic callable unit of code. It includes a parameter list return value declaration and a body.
In music, a method is a kind of textbook for a specified musical instrument or a selected problem of playing a certain instrument.
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The HTML approach to passing input data from a browser to the server (and possibly on to a CGI program).