Definitions for "planning"
The process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.
The process through which an organized scheme to get something done is developed; decisions that set a course of action.6
Setting the goal and objectives by identifying and predicting the needs, and then design detailed organizational structure, methods and resources to achieve the goal.
The planning, also called master planning is a process of establishing and maintaining the definition of the scope of a project, the way the project will be performed (procedures and tasks), roles ...
a very complex and sophisticated area of the Internal Revenue Code, wresting your hard-earned money back from the IRS is not an impossible task
The act of contemplating objectives, desires and variables to accomplish an objective. Example would be current investments, rates of returns and retirement income desired for an individual's financial plan.
The period of time where in the beginning you are hoping for a mate, by the middlegame you are hoping to have an advantage, by the endgame you are hoping not to get killed, and by the next morning you are hoping that they will not laugh at you.
attempting to carry out a programme of work, such as building a new town or protecting historic buildings, by following an agreed set of guidelines, design or plan.
Permission - Permission that must be obtained from the local authority before construction starts on most projects. It controls the proposed use, how much of the site is covered, the size of the building, site access, external landscape and parking and conformity with local plans. Additional permissions (Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Approval, Environmental Impact Assessment) can be required if the site involves historic elements or a sensitive setting.
Determining the potential impacts of environmental emergencies on communities and natural resources is essential to minimizing the impacts of such emergencies when they occur. Of particular importance is the development of a network of appropriate responders with clearly delineated responsilities.
the cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the event of something happening; "his planning for retirement was hindered by several uncertainties"
involves an attempt to forecast what will happen in the future and the establishment of objectives, both economic and social. Page 25
The process by which the performance of the electric system is evaluated and future changes and additions to the bulk electric systems are determined.
Any activities associated with assisting a landowner in applying for permits and other land rights issues. Includes I&E and surveys not also necessary for design. Working with a landowner to ascertain (if not already planned) what variation of a practice is best for their site. For example, what type of grade stabilization structure or type of stacking area? Planning is done first, on a land-use basis. Then individual practices are selected. Activities include the following: Identify problem Determining objectives Conduct resource management Identifying alternatives Evaluate and compare alternatives Discuss options with landowner Select alternative
command function responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information about the incident and available resources.
Control of the use and development of land.
The act of creating a plan. For example, creating a local land-use plan that determines whether or not specific areas of land within a local government's jurisdiction may be used for growing swine in animal feeding operations. See also Comprehensive Planning.
a critical element of many estate plans
Film assembly / stripping. The bringing together of all the elements of a foil during imposition, also the incorporation of correction film / paper.
Disturbances in planning are a common and potentially disabling consequence of damage to the frontal parts of the brain.
Overview of the act or process of drawing up plans or layouts for some project or activity.
involves analyzing information and making decisions about what needs to be done (p. 61)
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Planning is an important part of effective cleaning. We should plan our work and work our plan.
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A business owned by two or more people.
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For planning in AI see computer planning