Definitions for "owned"
Keywords:  clan, defeat, beaten, pwned, fragmaster
When something gets beaten severely.
Past tesne of getting beaten in a game. Most commonly used by people that play teamplay / 1v1, where reputation of skill is of the utmost importance. Usage: "Frag master owned llama" Fragmaster beat llama (in a 1v1 game assumed). Can also be used with clans: "ZT owned ck"
Being defeated or conquered, also "pwned" or "I ownz you!"
Keywords:  outplayed, brutally
To be brutally outplayed
having an owner; often used in combination; as, state-owned railways. Opposite of unowned.
This includes accommodation that is either owned outright, owned with a mortgage or loan, or shared ownership (paying part rent and part mortgage).
Keywords:  belongs, symbol, package, home
Of symbols. An owned symbol belongs to that symbol's home package.
(of a binding, by a module) Created by a create clause in the module's define module definition, or by a definition associated with the module.
Keywords:  equipment, purchaser, system
A system where the purchaser owns the equipment.