Definitions for "Beaten"
Keywords:  trodden, trite, bare, worn, stray
Made smooth by beating or treading; worn by use.
Become common or trite; as, a beaten phrase.
struck with repeated blows; trodden, worn hard, bare or plain by repeated passage; well-worn, trite
Vanquished; defeated; conquered; baffled.
Exhausted; tired out.
a wine tired after transportation
Keywords:  pace, batsman, bat, strike, fails
When a batsman attempts to strike the ball with the bat and fails to contact it. He is said to have been "beaten" by either the pace or skill of the delivery.
beaten repeatedly with heavy blows; "a battered child"; "the battered woman syndrome"
Keywords:  hammering, gold, thin, formed
formed or made thin by hammering; "beaten gold"
Keywords:  tried, practiced
Tried; practiced.