Definitions for "Package"
The files created by Pack and Go for transporting one or more presentations and the related files to a different computer.
the collection of talent and material that is put together by an agent or agency in which a script is tied together with certain actors, actresses, and or directors & produces. This usually increases the chance of selling the property to a studio.
A PL/SQL object that groups PL/SQL types, variables, SQL cursors, exceptions, procedures and functions into a single program unit.
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a good way to group together related Haskell modules, and is essential if you intend to make the modules into a Windows DLL (see below)
a library of Haskell modules known to the compiler
a simple DLL file that exports the getClass -Functions, as described last time
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a database object that contains the information needed by the database manager to access data in the most efficient way for a particular application program
a kind of Lisp object
a metadata object specialised for a particular purpose
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A bundle made up for transportation; a packet; a bale; a parcel; as, a package of goods.
Any wrapped bundle which exceeds the dimension or weight of a Standard or Oversize letter, e.g. a packet, a parcel, etc. (paquet)
A hosting package is a number of website-related services bundled and sold together. A package usually consists of disk space on a server, a certain amount of data transfer to and from the server, and various other services such as a control panel, databases, email accounts, and so on.
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an icon in UML that looks like a folder and refers to another UML diagram that either exists or may be in the process of creation. [ uml.gen.gif
Services, records, schemas and folders in Integration Server are kept in packages. A package is the basic configuration control element supported by Integration Server.
a collection of logically related UML elements
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A physical container, case, or enclosure for the integrated circuit chip(s) in a Integrated Circuit Card.
An installable unit of a software product. Software product packages are separately installable units that can operate independently from other packages of that software product.
A general term used to refer to the sealed container into which a chip is inserted.
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An amount or a number of things packed together or a covering wrapper or container of these things to facilitate handling or transport; a small or moderate-sized pack
Pre-arranged elements of a trip such as hotel accommodations and transfers. A package is less inclusive than a tour.
a group of addressed pieces assembled and secured together to make up a basic unit of bulk mail for processing purposes
Police: Collection of warrants, depositions and any other supporting paperwork documenting probable cause for an arrest. News: A collection of interviews and video assembled by a reporter for in-depth coverage of a single story. Due to the competitive nature of the broadcast news industry, details concerning the assembly of a story package are referred to in a very oblique fashion over open radio channels. If roundabout comments are not clearly understood by the reporter or the assignment editor at the station, more specific conversations will be conducted on the telephone (mobile or landline).
A complete story with natural sound and voice over
a reporter-narrated news story with interview snippets and, if applicable, other sound elements
a rich side-scrolling action experience, with a hint of a top-down shooter sandwiched at a middle
a rich side-scrolling action experience, with a hint of a top-down shooter sandwiched inside of the middle
A set of routines and data types that's stored as a resource of type ' PACK' and only brought into memory when needed.
Manager A set of routines that loads the packages into memory.
an environment -- that is, a set of variable/value bindings
All items for mailing are categorised into one of four categories: Letter/Postcard, Large Envelope, Packet and Parcel. The term Package covers all four categories.
The total of all elements (brochure, catalogue or flyer; buck slips; lift letters or similar enclosures; response devices, BRE or BRC, etc.) which, together, make up the promotion mailing.
Everything contained in a direct mail fundraising appeal, such as the carrier envelope, letter, insert, reply device, return envelope and premium.
Term. Applications that are precomplied and ready to go. You can install a package through /stand/sysinstall or with the command pkg_add. You should either have the package on a CD disc or have downloaded it from an ftp site.You can read more here.
An Ada construct consisting of a specification and an optional body that can be separately compiled.
a precompiled binary
a pre-compiled binary of that port
A fixed price salable travel product that makes it easy for a traveler to buy and enjoy a destination or several destinations. Packages offer a mix of elements like transportation, accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, cultural activities, sightseeing and car rental.
The name given to an assembly of components under a one price system. Typically, the core package price would include: return transportation, ground transfers, baggage handling, accommodation, one or more meals per day, applicable taxes. Car rentals, recreation and entertainment and gratuities may also be included, but are more often supplementary to the core package price.
Any advertised tour. Often a tour to a single destination that includes prepaid transportation, accommodations, and some combination of other tour features--meals, transfers, sight-seeing, car rental, etc.
A term embracing all types of packages e.g. bottles, cans, cartons, bags etc.
The container closure system and labeling, associated components (e.g., dosing cups, droppers, spoons), and external packaging (e.g., cartons, shrink wrap).
a combination of grants, scholarships, loans and work-study
The total combination of scholarships, grants, work, and loans awarded to you based on your financial and academic eligibility.
The total combination of scholarships, grants, work and loans awarded to a student.
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An extension containing the necessary baggage to allow the kernel its use via a call to " package require foo". To use extensions without that the user has to explicitly set up the auto_path in his applications, which is error prone and not easily distributable.
A package is an independently testable coding unit. Packages are composed of modules.
a anything that can be distributed
Separate elements grouped together to form a product or deal. See ‘Compensation Package'.
a grouping of components
a grouping of model elements
an implementation of ANDF principles
A database object consisting of a specification and a body. The specification includes the datatypes and subprograms that can be referenced by other program units. The body includes the actual implementation of the package.
a public-domain MATLAB program that implements the fast fixed-point algorithm for independent component analysis and projection pursuit
(emacs) A feature set which can be added to the editor. Major modes and many functions are implemented via packages. Numerous packages are built in to standard Emacs; many others are freely or otherwise available.
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a Magic Cap application
a sub-unit of an application
LED's are available in either leaded-through-hole, or surface-mount packages. Through-hole LED's are ideal for wave solder circuit board applications. Most through-hole LED's are 2-leaded devices. Common through-hole package sizes include 3mm (T-1) and 5mm (T-1 *) diameter parts. Whereas, surface-mount packages are best used with reflow assembly. SMD devices are also useful when package size constraints are an issue. Surface mount packages
a good way to go
a good way to see the best of Branson without worrying what you're missing
a great way to provide a seamless service to you, the client
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put into a box; "box the gift, please"
a kind of black box
a marvel - it is the coolest running CPU I have ever had "out of the box"
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a panhard bar and
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a directory of source code in CVS at a particular version, associated with a CVS tag
PER PKI postal code ProGuard
a family of declarations which can all see one another without any fiddling
A group of types. Packages are declared with the package keyword.
A set of classes with a common high-level function declared with the package keyword.
a part of bitweaver that can manipulate, store and/or display information
Yarn in the form of units capable of being unwound and suitable for handling, storing, shipping and use (according to ISO/DIS 13922).
a complete facility with a UI comprising any number of widgets, and functionality supplied by services
an extension of the scripting language that allows adding new functions in CodeWorker at runtime
Complete product of the packaging operation consisting of the packaging and contents prepared for transportation.
The complete product of the packing operation, consisting of the packagings and the dangerous goods contents prepared for transport (not including a tank or an overpack). A package is liable to be individually handled during the course of the carriage
The product of a complete series of packaging operations.
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a method for presenting a product to your shoppers with options that can alter the final price. An example would be a custom floral arrangement whose final price depends upon what flowers the shopper selects and what type of vase, if a vase is requested.
A particular combination of options that has been selected across all the issues. For example, Price 3000 $ Payment Upon delivery Failure rate is a package.
A duty formerly charged in the port of London on goods imported or exported by aliens, or by denizens who were the sons of aliens.
a SwiftPublish document in progress
Remuneration by way of Salary and Benefits that an employee has negotiated with the University. Where an employee is remunerated by reference to more than one Salary classification, the Package is determined by reference to the pro-rated aggregate of the salaries assigned to the employee's substantive positions.
a protector, a friend, and, ultimately, a piece of trash
a set of training aids, for the trainers and the participants, aimed at getting the material across
the financial aid, determined by the Financial Aid Office, that you receive to meet your financial need.
the financial aid, determined by the Financial Aid Office, that you receive. rolling basis: an arrangement in which once you are accepted and apply for financial aid, you are notified immediately of the financial aid decision.
a selection of picks
a wise investment for the College basketball picks subscriber
a convenient photo comps definition of
A definition of the style of enclosure in which the oscillator will be packaged. This may be done by drawing or may be selected from a set of standard packages. The package includes all dimensions and connection definitions.
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a better deal because you don't have to provide all the stuff
a deal-breaker
The result of the negotiations between Malta and the EU is referred to as "the package".
Any combination of more than one component, such as a hotel room and an air ticket.
a combination of items that create an offer that support the client in accomplishing their goal
A combination of various travel components that are sold as a single product.
an entity which cannot be broken or subdivided
an entity which has all the transfer specifications of the DTS, as discussed earlier
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(WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
Carrying a heavy package in a dream is a sign of having responsibilities that should be shared. Wrapping a package with care denotes the end of a job with which you have taken care to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.
a data structure that establishes a mapping from print names (strings) to symbols
a data structure used to locate a symbol once given the symbol's name
an independent block of code, with its own symbol table
to fully immobilize a patient usually in a spine board.
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Pre-selected list (eg of TV or radio spots or poster sites).
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1. Can also refer to a single-fee booth package, offered by show management. A package might include booth space, one electrical outlet, one table, two chairs, and one hour of labor.
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A general term for any wound arrangement of YARN, such as a CHEESE or CONE.
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a parcel , usually sent by post
This can be a small parcel or a large letter.
a predefined selection of items the client chooses based on options also previously defined
an ideal solution for those willing to discover a place or to get a ready-to-use travel
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See Shipping Cage.
A portfolio consisting of standard European calls, standard European puts, forward contracts, cash and the underlying asset itself.
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a little more than lacking
Car's overall size but sometimes meant to include the mechanical design and equipment.
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a sort of mental space, or room, after all -at least until it is opened
a template that can be assigned to a customer, which controls the levels of access that customer has for their account
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in a selling context this is another term for the product offer; it's the whole product and service offering at a given price, upon given terms.
The package is the actual book; the physical product.
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Physical holder of the crystal unit.
A generalised programme capable of performing several operations and covering the requirements of many users.
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A package is the physical packaging of a chip, for example, PG84, VQ100, and PC48.
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A list of panels offered.
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A charge made for packing goods.
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Act or process of packing.