Definitions for "NEGOTIATIONS"
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These usually center on the valuation of the business prospects and to a lesser extent on the amount and timing of capital infusions and other terms of the agreement
a particularly difficult exercise to the extent that it must be accomplished in each of the regional integration areas defined to negotiate an EPA with the EU
After potentially responsible parties are identified for a site, EPA coordinates with them to reach a settlement that will result in the PRP paying for or conducting the cleanup under EPA supervision. If negotiations fail, EPA can order the PRP to conduct the cleanup or EPA can pay for the cleanup using Superfund monies and then sue to recover the costs.
seeking agreement on mutually acceptable terms prior to concluding a trading agreement.
a natural evolution in the outstanding trade ties between our two countries
a recognition of the progress both countries have made in deepening trade relations during the past year
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a horrible mistake by the owners
A set of discussions between two or more enterprises to determine the business relationship.
A process of reaching an agreement or arrangement by discussion.
Discussions between people who try to come to an agreement on something.
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see Contract Campaign.
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An agent can handle all price and contract negotiations.