Definitions for "BPA"
Benefit Payment Administrator
short for the Bonneville Power Administration, headquartered in Portland, Oregon. BPA is a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Energy that serves the Pacific Northwest through operating an extensive electricity transmission system and marketing wholesale electrical power at cost from federal dams, one non-federal nuclear plant and other nonfederal hydroelectric and wind energy generation facilities. It sells power to California companies in "wheeling" trades.
Bonneville Power Administration. A power marketing and electric transmission agency of the United States government with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.
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see Business Publication Audit.
Business Publication Audit. an independent self-regulated auditing organization that provides verification of circulation, audience, and other data for business magazines (and a limited number of consumer publications), business newspapers, trade shows, Web site traffic, and other advertising-supported information providers; see Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).
A review of existing core business processes or activities associated with the administrative computing system. The BPA process allows the University to streamline or improve existing processes in order to make them more efficient and provides a framework for successful system implementation. Strategies employed in this process include flowcharting as well as the identification of critical functionality, concerns and desired improvements.
BOND PURCHASE AGREEMENT. The contract between the underwriter and the issuer setting forth the final terms, prices and conditions upon which the underwriter purchases a new issue of municipal securities in a negotiated sale conduit borrower also is frequently a party to the bond purchase agreement in a conduit financing.  The bond purchase agreement is sometimes referred to as the “purchase contract” or, less commonly, the “ underwriting agreement.”  See:  NEGOTIATED SALE; UNDERWITING AGREEMENT; WRITTEN AWARD.
Blanket Purchase Agreement--An agreement between the government and a vendor. The agreement gives the government the option to purchase goods or services from the vendor when needed on a on-call basis.
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Bé né fice Par Action
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See Bisphenol A
abbr. British Parachute Association, the national body of which all British skydivers are members. They are also the official arm of the Civil Aviation Authority for matters regarding parachuting, making all the rules and regulations that you must stick to.
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n. Acronym for Boardgame Players Association (see
Bleached Particle Absorption
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Bus Pad Array
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Bid Price Adjustment
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Basic Practice Allowance.