Definitions for "CONTRACT PRICE"
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In an installment sale, for tax purposes, generally the selling price less existing mortgages assumed by the buyer.
The price per box or per pound of solids for fruit that is delivered on a contract basis.
An international price for LPG set in US dollars using the Saudi Aramco Contract Price – a tender process that occurs throughout each month. Australian LPG producers export LPG or sell into the domestic Australian market at price reflective of CP. Similarly, Australian LPG retailers purchase domestically produced or imported LPG based on CP.
The entire cost of the contract between the owner of property and the contractor providing service to fulfill the obligations of the contract. It is used as the basis for the premium charge on many varieties of construction and supply bonds.
This is a fixed amount of what a contractor quotes to complete a house according to the plans supplied to him, with possible escalation built in.
The entire sum of money that passes from owner to contractor when final settlement is made between the two under the contract entered into between them.
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The total moneys payable to the Contractor under the Contract Documents.