Definitions for "LPG"
Liquefied Petroleum Gas. A gas containing certain specific hydrocarbons which are gaseous under normal atmospheric conditions, but can be liquefied under moderate pressure at normal temperatures. Propane and butane are principal examples.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas A mixture of propane and butane. When used as a vehicle fuel it is often referred to as autogas. Find out more: Greenfuel's explanation.
Liquefied petroleum gas, the name given to propane and butane in their liquid state.
LPG is a Dutch indie-pop band, signed on Excelsior Recordings/V2 Records. In April 2005, their critically acclaimed debut album I fear no foe was released in the Netherlands, receiving positive reviews from established magazines and websites, such as Oor, VPRO 3voor12 and Volkskrant. There were few negative reviews, which mostly struggled with the applause in the opening track Speech, and the diversity of the band.
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