Definitions for "NGL "
Portions of natural gas that are liquefied at the surface in lease separators, field facilities, or gas processing plants, leaving dry natural gas. They include, but are not limited to, ethane, propane, butane, natural gasoline, and condensate.
Natural Gas Liquid. Liquid hydrocarbons found in association with natural gas.
(see Natural Gas Liquefied).
The Northwest Gemological Laboratories (NGL), an industry leader in diamond grading.
The Northwest Gemological Laboratories, or NGL, are recognized authorities on grading gemstones.
Northwest Gemological Laboratory
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NGL is a framework intended to work with SGI's OpenGL API. It is similar in many ways to glut , but with many enhancements to make it an easy and yet powerful tool for cross-platform game programming.
C++ cross-platform framework for OpenGL applications. WARNING: this project has moved to !
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Netzstatt Gaming League