Definitions for "Gasification"
The act or process of converting into gas.
The process in which a solid fuel is converted into a gas; also known as pyrolitic distillation or pyrolysis. Production of a clean fuel gas makes a wide variety of power options available.
A multi-stage process for producing electricity from a fuel using both the expansion of gas in gas turbogenerators and expansion of steam in steam turbogenerators. In this process, the fuel is first partially oxidized with air at elevated pressure, converting the fuel to a raw fuel gas. In subsequent stages, the fuel gas is cleaned, and then first burned in a combustor and expanded in a gas turbine. Finally, the turbine exhaust gases are used to raise steam in a steam boiler, which drives a steam generator.
Breakdown of hydrocarbons into a syngas by carefully controlling the amount of oxygen present.
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Changing of something into a gas.