Definitions for "COAL"
A thoroughly charred, and extinguished or still ignited, fragment from wood or other combustible substance; charcoal.
A black, or brownish black, solid, combustible substance, dug from beds or veins in the earth to be used for fuel, and consisting, like charcoal, mainly of carbon, but more compact, and often affording, when heated, a large amount of volatile matter.
To burn to charcoal; to char.
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To supply with coal; as, to coal a steamer.
To take in coal; as, the steamer coaled at Southampton.
a hot glowing or smouldering fragment of wood or coal left from a fire
a glowing ember, a source of light, a "bright spark
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an earthy solid
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take in coal; "The big ship coaled"
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COAL - Code On Another Level