Definitions for "Sulphur dioxide"
(SO2) A chemical present in emissions from combustion of fossil fuels that enters the atmosphere and returns to earth with precipitation as acid rain.
A preservative which is added to most wines (although the French say they don't do this - very much). Smelly when too much is used.
a preservative used in red and white wines, indicated on the label as preservative 220. If too much is used it can separate in the wine, and the free sulphur can be smelt. It is similar to a burnt match.
Used to kill wild yeasts, sterilise equipment and prevent oxidation. A naturally occurring substance.
An anti-oxidant and preservative used to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent oxidation.
Chemical used as an anti-oxidant in winemaking. The smell of sulphur dioxide can be present in a newly opened bottle of wine, but it should dissipate. With today's truth-in-labelling laws, it is referred to on food and wine labels as 'Preservative(220) added'.
Acts as a precursor in formation of sulphate aerosols which, unlike greenhouse gases, have a net negative radiative forcing effect and tend to cool Earth's surface.