Definitions for "Tannin"
Same as Tannic acid, under Tannic.
An acid present in the stems, pips, and skins of grapes that becomes a very important component of red (and some white) wines. It is also found in the wood barrels used for maturation, where it can alter the balance of a wine.
A substance found in grape skins, seeds, stems and oak barrels (known as wood tannins). Because of this, red wines tend to have higher amounts of tannins than white wines. Tannins also contribute astringency (that pucker feeling when you drink a dry wine) and/or bitter flavors to wine. Tannins also act as a natural preservative, aiding in the aging process.
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Soluble natural brown stain in woods such as cedar.
Natural resin present in cedar and other woods.
Water- or solvent-soluble colors/resins found in wood.
In Jewish folklore Tannin is the name of a demon associated either with a dragon or a serpent. Sometimes he is compared with Rahab, and also considered a dragon of the sea, especially associated with the Red Sea. Some scholars associated Tannin with Tiamat, as it happened with Rahab.
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Taproot Taxonomy
secondary metabolite that releases protein
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chemical used to tan leather; found in many trees