Definitions for "Trees"
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woody plants greater than 7 meters tall, and usually with one main trunk
The trees of the forest attracted my deep admiration as I proceeded toward the sea. Their great stems, some of them fully a hundred feet in diameter, attested their prodigious height, which I could only guess at, since at no point could I penetrate their dense foliage above me to more than sixty or eighty feet. As far aloft as I could see the stems and branches and twigs were as smooth and as highly polished as the newest of American-made pianos. The wood of some of the trees was as black as ebony, while their nearest neighbours might perhaps gleam in the subdued light of the forest as clear and white as the finest china, or, again, they were azure, scarlet, yellow, or deepest purple. And in the same way was the foliage as gay and variegated as the stems, while the blooms that clustered thick upon them may not be described in any earthly tongue, and indeed might challenge the language of the gods. (Valley Dor, GODS)
with a single or few trunks near the base
vriksha]: ( SB 10:22) 'O Stoka Krishna and Ams'u; o S'rîdâma, Subala and Arjuna; o Vis'ala, Vrishabha and Ojasvî; o Devaprastha and Varûthapa, just see these ones so fortunate whose life is only there for the higher purpose of keeping off the rain, the wind, the heat and the snow they bear for us. (33) Oh how superior the birth of these trees that, like great souls do, give support to all living entities; for certain will no person in need ever go away disappointed by them (34) By their leaves, flowers and fruits; shade and roots, bark and wood; by their fragrance, sap ashes, pulp and shoots they award all things desirable. (35) It is to each living being to live up to this perfection of birth in this world: to be with ones life, wealth, intelligence and words towards the embodied always of the highest good in ones dutiful activities [see also the vaishnava pranâma].'
Flamewood is like our field maple. Ironwood is like our beech. Stonewood is like our hornbeam. Bonewood, mistwood, frostwood, and spiritwood trees are indigenous to Eiden Myr.
Graphical representations of a hierarchy in PeopleSoft that shows the relationship between data elements (for example, BGSU offices, colleges, and departments) and determines the rollup of such data elements.
The graphical hierarchy in OMNI systems that displays the relationship between all accounting units (for example, corporate divisions, projects, reporting groups, account numbers) and determines roll-up hierarchies.
Feed in the spring. If tree is damaged or diseased, feed again in fall.
For stone 94 see 'Gardeners Tools'. Stone 175 shows a woodcutter at work making the first cut in the direction of fall, together with the approximate Biblical quotation "As the tree falls so must it ly", taken from Ecclesiastes Ch 11 verse 3. It should be noted that the current Tulliallan cemetery contains a modern duplicate of this stone with contemporary style of axe and clothing for a present day Forester.
a well-established tree surgeon catering for all aspects of tree services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Wiltshire
Trees are structures that define various roll-ups by using levels and nodes. Each tree applies to a specific ChartField segment. Reports use tree nodes to specify criteria, and they use tree levels for roll-ups and subtotals.
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Trees are special scenery objects that are hard-coded into Rail3D to optimize performance. You create them using the Scenery spraygun.
One of various types of obstacles that golfers try to avoid. They are strategically scattered throughout the course to increase its level of difficulty.
Branched or irregular projections formed on a cathode during electrodeposition, especially at edges and other high current density areas.