Definitions for "Rail"
A bar of timber or metal, usually horizontal or nearly so, extending from one post or support to another, as in fences, balustrades, staircases, etc.
A horizontal piece in a frame or paneling. See Illust. of Style.
Horizontal part of the framework of a flat.
The stout, narrow plank that forms the top of the bulwarks.
The light, fencelike structures of wood or metal at the break of the deck, and elsewhere where such protection is needed.
The side of the surfboard. Used for turning on (like in skiing)
One of the four metal beams that outline the table playing surface.
A barrier dividing the card playing area from a public area.
The top groved area around the player side of the table.
To use insolent and reproachful language; to utter reproaches; to scoff; -- followed by at or against, formerly by on.
2 Chr32: 17; 1 Sa25: 14; Mk15: 29; Lk23: 39] - to utter reproaches; to scoff; to use insolent and reproachful language; to reproach or censure in contemptuous terms; followed by at, against, on.
Any one of numerous species of limicoline birds of the family Rallidæ, especially those of the genus Rallus, and of closely allied genera. They are prized as game birds.
a small wading bird resembling the crane.
(Family: Rallidae) Small to medium-sized birds. Rails are secretive, solitary, and live in and around marshes. They eat animals and plants. There are more than 125 species world-wide. They are mainly threatened by agricultural encroachment and destruction and drainage of wetlands for urban sprawl.
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In the riding discipline, a pole which makes up a part of some obstacles.
A wooden bar or pole, as part of an obstacle.
In showjumping and the three-day event, a pole which makes up a part of some obstacles.
Includes "heavy" and "light" transit rail. Heavy transit rail is characterized by exclusive rights-of-way, multi-car trains, high speed rapid acceleration, sophisticated signaling, and high platform loading. Also known as subway, elevated railway, or metropolitan railway (metro). Light transit rail may be on exclusive or shared rights of way, high or low platform, multi-car trains or single cars, automated or manually operated. In generic usage, light rail includes streetcars, trolley cars, and tramways.
The metal track that guides the elevator in a vertical path. Residential Elevator - A residential (see home elevator) elevator is an elevator primarily designed for the needs of private homes and multi-family housing such as townhomes and condominiums.
Term used to diescribe a high-capacity fiber optic cable which connects locations over long distances, such as the National LambdaRail which connects many major US metropolitan areas.
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rail Schiene
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To flow forth; to roll out; to course.
A bar of steel or iron, forming part of the track on which the wheels roll. It is usually shaped with reference to vertical strength, and is held in place by chairs, splices, etc.
a bar or bars of rolled steel making a track along which vehicles can roll
Runway Alignment Indicator Light system
Runway Alignment Indicator Lights
Metal to grind on.
Short for handrail. Any piece of material set up to slide on. Can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Made to ride with flat and neutral tool
A long rail made of metal, PVC, or wood used as an object to slide by a wakeboarder or wakeskater.
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Redundant Arrays of Intelligent Libraries. An example of tape arrays exploiting the RAID concept. Tape arrays allow enhanced data reconstruction and enhanced integrity for archival data. Tape arrays may consist of a single automated tape library with data striped across connected drives to provide parallel data transfer across the drives. Another implementation builds on this concept by striping data across drives and tape libraries to permit tape mounting to occur in parallel. A third approach allows data to be striped on the tape and mounted on manual (non-automated) drives. See RAIT.
RAIL stands for RAID on Library. Library in this case refers to tape library. RAIL refers to creating a RAID type with entire tape libraries. RAID is a term that can be applied to disk, tape or optical media types or devices.
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complain bitterly
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The altar rail between the choir and the sanctuary.
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short for railway; "he traveled by rail"; "he was concerned with rail safety"
travel by rail or train; "They railed from Rome to Venice"; "She trained to Hamburg"
a good source for travel in the city and IS linked to the airport
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The wire (or spider web) of the steel-tip board, or the plastic rail on an electronic board
The wire on a steel-tip board or the plastic separators on an electronic board
The little strip in the middle od the board used to put the hited checkers on it. After a checker is hit it must re-enter the game to the opponent's home board before the player can continue his game.
spread negative information about; "The Nazi propaganda vilified the Jews"
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A streetluge, specifically, a simple design featuring a seat on a beam with footpegs and wheels.
A piece of shaped metal along which a wheel is run or which is used to hold a wheel against another rail.
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a kind of dragster
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an independent federal Crown corporation mandated to operate as a business, it is hindered by the fact that it was created by an Order-in-Council of the Privy Council , and not from an actual legislation passed by Parliament
a chapter which we have heard cries for a massive overhaul of, and we tend to agree
This is the main moulding that ties into posts and that the balusters are installed into to complete the balastrade system.
criticize severely; "He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare"; "She railed against the bad social policies"
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an enthusiastic sponsor," said Mr
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A low divider between exhibit spaces..
A low divider between exhibits.
A low wall used to divide exhibits.
a crown corporation, and that a large part of its budget is provided by taxpayers
a lot of taxpayers' money
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1) See flat. 2) Same as Flyrail.
An outer cloak or covering; a neckerchief for women.
A railroad as a means of transportation; as, to go by rail; a place not accesible by rail.
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A length of track, usually thirty nine feet long.  Also see track.
A length of track, usually 39 feet long.
Advertising Station or terminal advertising that is positioned in close proximity to train tracks.
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enclose with rails; "rail in the old graves"
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it: To ride fast and cleanly through a corner.
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convey (goods etc.) by rails; "fresh fruit are railed from Italy to Belgium"
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a hit, and so is the Calendar section on Monday, which lists that week's community events
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provide with rails; "The yard was railed"
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lay with rails; "hundreds of miles were railed out here"
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To move or influence by railing.
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Any railroad employee.
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Female genitals.
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The extreme left or right-hand sides of a Web page.
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a physical separate cable which a power current flows through
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To range in a line.
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See - Well.
a railing.
To rail at.