Definitions for "MILES"
ultiple ntegrated aser ngagement ystem. Combat simulation system using lasers to score hits.
a philanthropic advisor and coach specializing in donor engagement, family succession issues, community leadership, and sustainability
multiple integrated laser engagement system
Miles is a fictional character, and the main character's (Arnold) father in the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!
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Kilometres 1.609344
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Miles is the official mascot of the Denver Broncos, an NFL football team.
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a psychiatrist in Washington DC
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a knight. LL.
Generic term used to describe the Miles33 typesetting system in pre-press. A code-driven, text-based computer system used for the presentation and management of data. Also a very powerful pagination engine. A large number of Westminster products are produced in Miles.
The base currency of AAdvantage. They can be earned not only by flying AA, but also partners of the AAdvantage program, which include other airlines, hotels, car rental firms, and many more. Note miles are not awarded on award tickets. Compare Q-miles.
(Latin) soldier; the miles was the primary agent in the Roman military; the greatness of Rome and political power in Rome depended on its military for support and continued service.
Used in high poker as part of a phrase to describe three of a kind using total point value. Usually it is preceded by a number divisible by three.
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one mile is 1600 metres