Definitions for "Roman"
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Of or pertaining to Rome, or the Roman people; like or characteristic of Rome, the Roman people, or things done by Romans; as, Roman fortitude; a Roman aqueduct; Roman art.
Upright; erect; -- said of the letters or kind of type ordinarily used, as distinguished from Italic characters.
Expressed in letters, not in figures, as I., IV., i., iv., etc.; -- said of numerals, as distinguished from the Arabic numerals, 1, 4, etc.
Sex by orgy.
sexual orgy; sexual interaction with complete abscence of inhibition; everyone taking part
Orgies. This is where unrestrained multiple sexual activities occur all in one room.
The civilization established twenty-five hundred years ago in the land now known as Italy, perhaps with influences from the Caucasians of western Asia Minor. It spread throughout the Mediterranean, taking over power from the successors of the Greek empire.
an inhabitant of the ancient Roman Empire
a typeface used in ancient Roman inscriptions
(1) (adjective for two-club or two-diamond opening) indicating a three-suiter;(2) (adjective for Blackwood, Gerber or Key-Card Blackwood) using step replies as follows: one step = zero or three aces or key cards; two steps = one or four aces or key cards; three steps = two or five aces or key cards without the queen of the agreed suit*; four steps = two or five aces or key cards plus the queen of the agreed suit* [* indicates the modern form; originally, the three-, four- and five-step replies narrowed the description of which two aces were held](3) (adjective for jump overcall) indicating length in the bid suit and the next highest unbid suit;(4) (adjective for asking-bid) calling for step responses to announce controls in the asking suit (one step = no control; two steps = king or singleton; three steps = ace or void; four steps = ace-king, perhaps ace-queen);(5) (adjective for discard or signal) odd-even;(6) (adjective for lead) Rusinow.
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Roman is a 2006 film starring Lucky Mc Kee (who also wrote the script) and Kristen Bell with Angela Bettis directing. The movie is a spin-off of 2002 cult hit May. In May, Angela Bettis played the title role and Lucky McKee directed, roles which have been switched for Roman.
Autocamioane Roman is a Romanian truck manufacturer that was established after World War II on the foundation of the old ROMLOC automotive factory built in 1921. In the spirit of the communist days, the industrial plant was named Steagul Rosu (the Red Flag). In 1954, the first batch of SR 101 trucks came out of the factory.
Of or pertaining to the Roman Catholic religion; professing that religion.
of or relating to or supporting Romanism; "the Roman Catholic Church"
the term that reflects the Roman conquest and the cultural period in the Biblical Lands that dates to ca. 63 BCE to ca. 324 CE;
The period of Roman influence and occupation of Britain between AD43 and c.AD450. The term Romano-British is often employed in reference to the contemporary native population.
43-450 AD. The Roman invasion influenced all parts of the country. They built roads and towns and introduced a money-based economy. They developed the first large manufacturing systems, producing pottery and lead.
In the Order of Hermes, refers to the Islamic Hermetic tradition.
A term used to describe a nose with a high, prominent bridge. Often seen in Siamese.
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a Director and founded the Halifax Group some ten years ago
Real-Time Observations Monitor and Analysis Network. A web-based weather observations monitor linking RAWS, airport observations, and other miscellaneous observations to a single user interface.
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The Latin alphabet.
Resource and Output Management Accounting Network
AD 43 - c. 410.