Definitions for "condensed"
shortened by rewriting with fewer words; -- used of texts; as, a condensed book. Opposite of unabridged.
narrower than usual for a particular height; -- of printers' type. Opposite of expanded.
A narrow, elongated typeface.
reduced to a stronger or more concentrated form; as, condensed milk. Opposite of uncondensed.
Keywords:  thicker, steam, packed, degrees, liquid
Made to become thicker or more closely packed together. Steam condenses to water when it returns to a liquid temperature state (less than 100 degrees C).
A table attribute indicating that the table contains current data rather than a history of changes to the data. A condensed table includes no more than one row for each primary key value in the table. As a result, a condensed table can be used to supply current information for a refresh.
representing two or more ideas or emotions by a single symbol; as, a condensed expression of various feelings and ideas.